Škoda Yeti Xtreme 2014 Design Interior Exterior

Škoda Yeti Xtreme 2014 Design Interior Exterior – The minimal SUV with a rally aspirations. Motor 1.8 TSI/112 kW, all-wheel drive, DSG, tallness customizable case, the brakes of the Octavia RS and inside style rally. At the current year’s GTI meeting at Lake Wörthersee, ŠKODA will show the world debut of an appealing rally concentrates on ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme, which depends on the well known conservative SUV. The general population additionally sees the main study ŠKODA CitiJet they have made disciple professional school of ŠKODA AUTO. Automaker these outstanding concentrates again underlines the engaging quality and differing qualities of its model extent.

Incredible meeting fans tuning brands of the Volkswagen Group will be held after the thirty-third. Around 200,000 fans will be amid the long weekend (May 28 to 31, 2014) journey to the notorious occasion in Austria Velden. ŠKODA meeting GTI go to the fifth.

“We will proceed with our positive improvement and new models keep on growing,” says an individual from the ŠKODA board for deals and advertising, Werner Eichhorn. “In doing as such, we will fortify the brand emotionality. As a dynamic and capable study shows minimal SUV ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme mark high fitness taking all things together wheel drive, and additionally our expertise in the field of engine game and games autos, “says Eichhorn.

The study ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme workshop of Skoda creators is amazingly lively and dynamic outline of the fruitful smaller SUV-style rally. Showcar joins the force of a SUV with all-wheel drive and particular configuration components výbavovými strong rally auto.

In the engine, the motor 1.8 TSI with a yield of 112 kW. The motor torque is transmitted to every one of the four wheels by means of a six-speed double grasp gearbox (DSG). Its greatest of 250 Nm is accessible in an extent from 1.500 to 4.200 min – 1. From 0 to 100 km/h quickens Yeti Xtreme 9 seconds and achieves a top velocity of 192 km/h. Sasquatch Xtreme took a liberally measured brakes on the Octavia RS. In fundamentally dull dim shading painted Yeti remains on a gigantic sedmnáctipalcových amalgam wheels with enormous rough terrain tires. Side windows are dull, rooftop and wheel edges are highlighted in yellow-green shading. Front tough sportsman got a monstrous guard and vast air admissions and LED headlights. An organization for requesting sport suspension is likewise customizable in tallness.

Essentially formed bumpers and gigantic ledges indicates ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme muscles. Toward the back affirms the quality and dynamism of the hearty guard and the two substantial tailpipes, which give the auto a scandalous sound execution. In the storage compartment there is extra haggle supposed “Recuperation Tracks”. These are unique footing cushions that can fit in the sand under the wheels podsunout and encourage removal.

The inside rouses the rally sports hardware. For the group, there are four separate Recaro sports seats with coordinated four-point seat straps. The auto is additionally furnished games guiding wheel with coordinated oars for selecting gears.

Shading and Trim bundle incorporates extra carbon components and quality alcantarové dull surfaces with a green shading accent. Likewise, the auto can likewise discover uncommon aluminum pedals and scrape plates. Totally new is the translation focus board. In it we find, in addition to other things. Blade to cut the safety belts and fire quencher, accordingly, components normal in focused autos. The dashboard is likewise all around situated mount the iPad in the glove compartment before the traveler seat is incorporated pack for medical aid.

ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme automaker again demonstrates the multifaceted capability of its prominent conservative SUV. In 2013 ŠKODA Yeti was totally upgraded surprisingly and achieving clients in two adaptations: as ŠKODA Yeti in the city and as ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor intended for landscape and experience.

ŠKODA Yeti commended its debut in the powerfully developing SUV section in 2009. In complete in this way (as of April 30, 2014) sold more than 640,000 vehicles ŠKODA Yeti. In the EU, the brand achieved the auto Yeti minimized SUV portion in more than a four percent piece of the overall industry. Sasquatch and was one of Europe’s top of the line SUV in its class.

Another display ŠKODA at Lake Wörthersee, ŠKODA will ponder CitiJet. It is an element and astonishingly played by urban cabriolet taking into account the ŠKODA Citigo. Two-seater is the aftereffect of the “apprenticeship auto”, which this year occurred in ŠKODA AUTO first time. At trial, he will soon acquaint the brand with people in general, labored for six months a sum of 16 students Skoda.

ŠKODA CitiJet charms unmistakable metallic blue and white and blue games šestnáctipalcovými compound wheels. Great handcrafted back spoiler and a monstrous fumes funnel with two end tops. In the engine is working petrol motor 1.0 MPI 55 kW (75 hp). The inside is engaged games, gear depends on the activity of the ŠKODA Citigo SPORT. In addition, there is, in addition to other things. Coordinated extraordinary sound framework with 300 watts. Blue LED inside lighting responds to the music.

Škoda Yeti Xtreme 2014 Design Interior Exterior

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