Spyker 60 Racer HP 1903 Past Racing Design

Spyker 60 Racer HP 1903 Past Racing Design – In 1898, the coach of coaches in Amsterdam was Jocobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker who pioneered the first Benz-engine. They won awards for their bodywork work. Construction of a golden country coach in 1898, to commemorate the impending coronation of Queen Wilhelmina, this marks the turning point of their coach coaching activities to the car manufacturer. Then they registered the automotive business under the name Spyker. In addition, so that the company is recognized by foreign markets it is written with ‘Y’.

Spyker 60 1903 The HP Racer Grand Prix is ​​an important milestone. This victory is not only for companies, but for the automotive industry as a whole. As released at the exhibition of the Paris 1903 motorbike, this bike features the world’s first six-cylinder engine. Just like the first permanent four-wheeled car in the world. Initially, the car would race at the Grand Prix but was not ready in time for the 1903 race in Paris-Madrid.

Spyker 60 Racer HP 1903 Past Racing Design

The only car built by Spyker of this type still exists today. Spyker 60 Racer HP 1903 can be seen in concours conditions at the Het Nationaal Automobielmuseum in the Netherlands. Spyker 60 1903 Racer HP received the highest award in 2003.

Spyker 60 1903 Racer HP with Inline-6 ​​engine w / T Head, with longitual front position. Where has valvetrain Side Valves, 2 per Cyl, and displacement of 8676cc / 529.4 in³. Bore size 120 mm / 4.72 in with 128 mm / 5.04 in stroke. The amount of compression is 4.59: 1. So as to produce power of 44.7 kw / 60 bhp and a specific output of 6.92 bhp per liter.

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