SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 New Design Minivan

SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 New Design Minivan – Minivan SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 is restyling for customers, this car is known as SsangYong Stavic, and in the original Korean market, where monocab sells by the name of Korando Turismo, while the updated version has been released. There are some changes, but most are visible to the naked eye.

A minivan of SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 with 5150 mm long which has a new face, brought to the common denominator with the new generation SUV Rexton, not only other lights with LED drive lights, bumpers and grille, but also other front fenders and a little relief bonnet cover. The stern part remains untouched, but overall the heavier SsangYong becomes more interesting.

SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018’s interior is practically the same as a new steering wheel with heating appearing on previously jammed machines, and now developers have installed modern media systems with seven-inch screen, voice control, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions. In addition, the minivan now has a 360-degree camera.

SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 New Design Minivan

As before, SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 is offered with four rows of seats for nine or eleven passengers, and there are several different seat placements where there are three modified lines. Technically, SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 has not changed. It has an integrated frame and off-road transmission with constant rear drive, rigidly connected forward and lowered transmission.

SsangYong Korando Turismo 2018 engined turbodiesel 2.2 is equivalent to 178hp with licensed Mercedes-Benz with seven speed automatic. For other markets there is also a junior diesel 2.0 equivalent of 155hp and a “six” 3.2 220hp gasoline, coupled with “automatic” five-speed long, and diesel engines have “mechanics”.

Externally there are several versions where there is a bumper cover, additional threshold, and luggage on the roof. But much more interesting is the luxury version of the Chateau, which is offered only with a nine-seat salon. It has a raised roof by 200 mm so the total height of the engine is 2,050 mm, rich interior decoration, built-in mini bar, window curtain, JBL audio system and a large TV set under the ceiling.

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