Suzuki Baleno S 2016 Sport Design Quite Agile

Suzuki Baleno S 2016 Sport Design Quite Agile – The arrival of Suzuki Baleno S 2016 which brought the debut of a new generation 1.0 generation turbo engine and a richer engine. The S letter does not mean the real Sport version of Baleno. In this case it is in the presence of a top-of-the-range vehicle. Compared to the “traditional” Baleno, S is distinguished by several stylish touches starting from the prominent red mold on the front. Instead, an enhanced segment of the xenon headlamps with daytime LED lights, while a series of chrome and 16-inch coated alloy wheels provide a touch of refinement. The back with a very tilted rear window, showing off a small aileron and leading the light clusters.

Suzuki Baleno S 2016 Sport Design Quite Agile

The Suzuki Baleno S 2016 is just under 4 meters (399.5 cm to be exact), but offers the largest boot in the category. There are 355 liters available, thanks to the well-shaped compartments and finishes quite accurately. But La Baleno is getting more surprising with the space provided for rear passengers, which is really surprising for such a compact car.The interior of Suzuki Baleno S 2016 where found a simple board, with a hard plastic but rather solid. In the center stands a platform with an automatic climate and multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen, quite complete and functional. What’s new is the image, which now comes with a 4.5 inch screen between two analog digital instruments that contain lots of information on the on-board computer, including the power and torque values ​​expressed in real time. Seats adapted to the spirit of Suzuki Baleno S 2016.

Suzuki Baleno S 2016 Sport Design Quite Agile

Looks simple with some decoration, but comfortable. Of course there is no point expecting a large capacity to hold, but for cars designed for traveling in peace they are almost perfect. The structure of the Suzuki Baleno S 2016 adjusts to the character of Baleno S, a quiet car, for those who seek comfort and never be too hasty.Suzuki Baleno S 2016 with new generation engine. This turbo three-cylinder 1.0 turbo with direct injection, capable of providing 112 hp and 170 Nm between 2,000 and 3,500 rpm. Attractive value not only for the segments they have, but especially in relation to weight, which stops below 1,000 kg (980kg, to be exact). In very low fuel consumption with a new three-cylinder turbo combined with a five speed manual transmission with long ratio. Note that the Baleno engine range also includes 90 hp 90 hp aspirated Dualjet, also available in the SVHS “micro-hybrid” variant.

The Suzuki Baleno S 2016 with a new three-cylinder boosterjet is now very welcome thanks to its extreme silence. Minimally it even seems really dead, while the typical vibration of the three cylinders here is a distant memory. Turbochargers, thanks to small impellers, have low inertia and this limits the typical turbo-lag phenomenon, which remains visible but only when the foot is completely submerged in the gas. In a quiet drive, in the city, remains pretty full and above all very elastic. Not a bad extension, because despite the turbo, these three cylinders also push well at 5-6,000 rpm, up to the limiter.

Suzuki Baleno S 2016

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