Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 Futuristic SUV Design

Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 Futuristic SUV Design – This Suzuki e-Survivor is a small electric-powered SUV that can go anywhere. The e-Survivor was first exhibited by Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The electric motor placed on 4 wheels makes the Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 have a 4WD system. Overall this car is slightly wider and longer than the current Suzuki Jimny.

Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 design from Sakura has a very high ground clearance, large wheel arches, long overhangs, and very sturdy tires that can strengthen its off-road capabilities. Suzuki also claims that lightweight construction is used to increase the ability more.

The Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 concept is a vehicle of the future, which inherits Suzuki’s identity from Jimny and Vitara. The 2017 Suzuki e-Survivor with a two-seat layout and open roof reminds us of the Suzuki X-90 in the mid-1990s. The 2017 Suzuki e-Survivor has a length of 3,460mm, width of 1,645mm, width of 1,655mm and has a small wheelbase of only 2,300mm. Suzuki e-Survivor looks smaller than most city cars, but has a big personality.

The inside of the Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 has a round screen that shows information about the car and the conditions around it. The screen is located in the center of the wheel, with augmented reality integrated outside the front of the car, completing the futuristic infotainment system.

The overall design of the 2017 Suzuki e-Survivor with futuristic wheel blue lighting makes you have no doubt that this is an EV. The front end puts a rough round on the face like a classic Jeep, while the door is translucent. There was no roof either, leaving two people inside fully exposed to the element.

Suzuki e-Survivor 2017 Futuristic SUV Design

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