Suzuki SJ 410 Cabrio 1982 Design Interior Exterior

The SJ40 Jimny 1000 was acquainted for 1982 with supplant the LJ80 territory. The Jimny 1000, sold as the Suzuki SJ410 in most fare markets, utilized the F10A – a bigger 1 liter adaptation of the LJ’s 0.8 liter four-barrel motor. This motor delivered 45 hp (34 kW) and it had a top velocity of 68 mph (109 km/h). The Japanese business sector models guaranteed 52 hp (39 kW) at 5,000 rpm.

A four-speed manual transmission was standard, as were non-power helped drum brakes front and back. The SJ410 came as a half-entryway convertible, long-wheelbase pickup truck, two-entryway hardtop (called “Van” in Japan), raised-rooftop hardtop, and no-glass hardtop (board van). In Japan, the pickup truck was proposed as a no frills work vehicle and did not get bumper augmentations, and had inclining tires on dark painted steel wheels as opposed to the sportier wheels fitted to the standard Jimny. Most extreme payload is 350 kg (770 lb). Later, a secured long-wheelbase variant was included for fare markets.

The SJ410 was likewise delivered in Spain by Santana Motors in their Linares, Jaén processing plant as of March 1985 and was sold as a local vehicle in Europe because of its more than 60% local parts content, consequently dodging limits on imports of Japanese-manufactured cars. It was manufactured just on the short wheelbase, as a two-entryway convertible and business, or with the three entryway wagon or van bodywork. Some later models of the SJ410 would change to plate brakes in the front contingent upon the processing plant they were made at. In March 1990, Santana-constructed variants got the same suspension improvements which transformed the SJ413 into the Samurai; this form was sold as Samurai 1.0 where it was offered (“Samurai Mil” in Spain). Cooper Motor Corporation (CMC) of Nairobi, Kenya, additionally amassed the SJ410 in the mid-eighties.

Suzuki SJ 410 Cabrio 1982 Design Interior Exterior

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