Suzuki Splash 2014 Design Interior Exterior

Suzuki Splash 2014 Design Interior Exterior – Splash is a product of Suzuki-type Mini MPV first marketed in Indonesia. This car was launched to meet the needs of young families or young couples stylish, energetic, and possess the characters always move forward or Go Onwards. This car is a blend between MPV and City Car which has a spacious cabin and luggage space and agile to drive as it is supported by the engine / engine series and 1,200 cc K12M agile, efficient, and powerful and environmentally friendly / meet Euro 4 standards.

With their attractive features, the Splash is present as vehicles that are fun to drive, use and own (fun to drive, used and possessed). Splash has a character of European car design is stylish, modern and elegant. The body is compact so parking becomes easier and drove on the highway so much fun.

Exterior section, the unique design of the design looks stylish tail lamp at the rear of the body. Design tail lamp vertically elongated grooves on both sides and together with the body, gives the impression of luxury.
For the design of the lamp front there is a large chandelier and stylish furnished multireflektor and 5-leveling adjuster, giving the impression of a vehicle classy luxurious and elegant. 5-leveling adjusters are on the right side of the driver and easy to reach and serves to set the focus of radiation safety and extra comfort for the rider where this feature is not owned by the product in its class.

The ambiance is elegant, stylish and sporty can also be seen from the interior. The instrument panel is designed with an exclusive shape. Center garnish looks stylish and sporty, with a mix of black and silver and is equipped with a tachometer placed on top of the dashboard and a speedometer that is designed with the user digital models of fuel (fuel bar) this seemed more sporty. Gear shift made into the center console, so that adds to the impression of a modern and elegant in front of the whole interior.

Splash designed roomy cabin space at the head room and leg room, especially at the rear so that passengers can feel comfortable driving. Cars with a capacity of 5 passengers relieved discount luggage space and rear seats can be folded, making it easier to insert and remove the luggage.
Head unit using an audio system incorporating a CD player that can play MP3, USB connection and aux-in system that can be connected directly to the iPod – a feature that currently there are at vehicle level above it, but the consumer mini MPV can be enjoyed in the car Splash ,

Splash uses the latest generation engine K12M aluminum lightweight, and powerful. Configuration engine is a 4 cylinder, 1200 cc, DOHC, 16 valves. Powered supply of fuel injection, a maximum power of 85 PS / 6000 rpm with maximum torque of 113 Nm / 4500 rpm. This engine uses Drive-By-Wire Technology resulting in more accurate engine performance and responsiveness for their sensor system ECM (Electronic Control Module) then the overall performance of the machine and setting the valve opening of the accelerator cable no longer use gas. Power generated becomes optimal, more fuel-efficient and low CO2 emissions so that more environmentally friendly or eco-friendly.

Splash is designed with a high safety level, through the use of templates TESS Body (Total Effective Strength Structure), which protect passengers from side impact and provides better security standards. Splash is designed with a wide front glass, in addition to ergonomics, as well as providing comfort and viewpoints freely for the rider. Splash also equipped with childproof door lock. These devices provide extra security for children. Its use was easy. Simply move the button from free to lock, the door can only be opened from the outside, making it safe for children to sit in a vehicle that was speeding. For the safety factor, the Splash is equipped Immobilizer and alarm, a system which is able to prevent theft. This system automatically match key codes when the machine is turned on.

Suzuki Splash 2014 Design Interior Exterior

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