Suzuki Splash Concept 2006 Design Interior Exterior

The little jellybean in Lagoon Blue is what Suzuki dubs a “clinic model,” or the first step towards a new production vehicle. The exterior, Suzuki says, is inspired by the youthful quality one might find in a splash of water. LED lights abound, and the lines are fun and cartoonish. Check out the floating-look chrome A-pillar and the wraparound tail lights. The side mirrors incorporate cameras that feed into the center console display on the inside.

The interior is no small shakes either. The car is tall and the roof is glass, making it seem huge considering its small size. The floating look is evident in the instrument panel as well, where the gauges sit, bubble-like. Blue leather trim finishes off the look.

An exciting Suzuki project to follow the new Swift, Grand Vitara, and SX4 is now under way. Named “Project Splash” to signify a new sensation, it’s making its debut in “clinic model” form-the first tangible step toward a production model-at the 2006 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile.

Based on the concept of a car for everybody in the family, Project Splash is a multipurpose vehicle intended to deliver satisfaction to all customers regardless of lifestyle, age, and gender in driving situations ranging from relatively short shopping trips to cross-country excursions. Superlative driveability, Comfortable cabin, Contemporary interior design.

A platform shared with the new Swift means Project Splash combines Swift-derived performance with the driveability for which Suzuki is renowned. Driving is accordingly enjoyable around town and over longer distances. A relatively tall body affords ample occupant comfort within manageable exterior dimensions. It incorporates a panoramic glass roof that creates an airy feeling in the cabin. The cabin has a contemporary design that’s based on gentle curves. Its equipment includes an innovative multi-display that aids the driver regardless of whether he or she is a relative novice or someone who relishes a more involving driving experience.

The exterior design of Project Splash embodies the energy, youthfulness, and delight suggested by a splash of water. Sharp lines, bold contours, and chrome accents give the body a sporty, emotionally appealing look. Seen from the front, Project Splash has a strong-looking ‘face’ incorporating long, slim, slanting light-emitting-diode (LED) headlights and a large grille. The panoramic glass roof, which realizes a roomy, open-looking cabin area, is also visible.

The side view is distinguished by floating-look chrome A-pillar covers and by chrome side mouldings that complement emotionally appealing body contours. The side mirrors each incorporate a turn-signal lamp and a rear-view camera. And a stable, sporty stance is realized by positioning of the wheels and flared fenders in the extreme corners of the body.

At the front of the cabin, the driver’s area offers practical, visual, and tactile benefits: A single, high-legibility meter in a blue-coloured, floating-look instrument panel incorporates a speedometer and an information display showing the shift position, a fuel gauge, a clock, an odometer, a tripmeter, the average fuel consumption, and the driving range on remaining fuel. A large, central multi-display gives navigation, side-rear-view, audio, and climate-control indications. The gearshift control has an intuitively usable ball-shaped, instrument-panel-mounted design. And a leather-wrapped steering wheel incorporates controls for audio and display functions.

Suzuki Splash Concept 2006 Design Interior Exterior

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