Suzuki XBee 2017 Unique Design Cars For Urban

Suzuki XBee 2017 Unique Design Cars For UrbanSuzuki has a unique car on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 grand event. Suzuki Xbee (read Crossbi), a tiny crossover that relies on boxy design tough. If noticed, his profile resembles the Toyota FJ Cruiser, only in a more mini-form. Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) Xbee is exhibited in three different variant types namely Xbee standard, Xbee Outdoor Adventure and Xbee Street Adventure.

Suzuki XBee 2017 describes it as an urban car. Its compact shape and maneuverability are more agile, making it suitable for wading through urban streets. But not limited to that, Suzuki also has prepared the ability to run in a rougher terrain and functions like an SUV.

Suzuki XBee 2017 Unique Design Cars For Urban

Suzuki XBee 2017 essentially like Ignis, city car with DNA SUV, only Suzuki XBee more thick character of its SUV. Suzuki Hustler concept car also seems to have a share in the formation of Suzuki XBee 2017. In the standard variant, Suzuki XBee 2017 looks like a bee with two colors dominate the body: yellow and black. The bumper part is braided silver satin and black box fenders. From the appearance of the fender can be seen aura of powerful SUV on Xbee.

Suzuki XBee 2017 Outdoor Adventure has a more luxurious style, because the bottom side side panel using imitation wood material. The wood also symbolizes outdoor adventures that describe the value of being one with nature. Although the pillars are black, the entire roof is painted white. Suzuki XBee 2017 Street Adventure is more urban style. Dark colored body combined with contrasting yellow color on the lower front fascia, side panels and on the rim. The roof and the house of the mirror are white.

Suzuki XBee 2017 with its dimensions are not big aka compact. The length is less than 4 meters, about 3.7 meters. The rims are also 13 inches in size. While the mechanical heart is reportedly using K10C engine, 1.0 liter DualJet turbo engine.

Suzuki XBee 2017 Unique Design Cars For Urban

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