Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design 1973-1988

Mercedes-Benz Series-NG Heavy-Duty Truck Design 1973-1988 – The generation of heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz trucks is a series of trucks made by Daimler-Benz from 1973 to 1988. The Mercedes-Benz Series-NG with Cabin is used by Mercedes-Benz which began offering with inline engines-six or five that have reliable power . In terms of the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz NG series is not too much difference, the prominent difference of the Mercedes-Benz NG series is the configuration of 4×2 to 8×8 which is used as needed for heavy load carrier. The first generation Mercedes-Benz Series-NG, which was introduced in 1973, is a redesign with a completely new look. First launched as a construction vehicle on the market and 1974 added to the trunk cabin extended 600 millimeters. In 1977 the Mercedes-Benz Series-NG had Cabin in three different versions, a short cabin, also called S-Cab, a medium-length cab (M-Cab) with a narrow rear-side window, and a long-range cabin, L-Cab with two Lounge chairs. In 1977, the cabin had a narrow fender and when the intermediate cabin was added, the fenders were wider in all three types. Also medium heavyweight vehicles taken starting from 1975 to Mercedes-Benz Series-NG this. All cabins can now be tilted and in 1979 a large-capacity Cabin was added. From 1980 the Mercedes-Benz Series-NG was offered with a new engine of 95 kW / 130 hp to 276 kW / 375 hp. From the outside is a ……

Ford Transcontinental 1978 Legendary Tractor Truck

Ford Transcontinental 1978 Legendary Tractor Truck – The Ford Transcontinental is a heavy truck tractor with rigid construction, manufactured between 1975 and 1983 at the Ford plant in England and the Netherlands. Our specimens assembled at the Ford plant in Amsterdam are almost entirely from purchased third-party components such as the Berliet cab casing, the Cummins engine, the Eaton transmission. The Ford Transcontinental model is designed to fill the gap in the truck market in anticipation of loosening heavy restrictions on heavy vehicles, and therefore the truck is a very powerful car. Ford Transcontinental with its high cabin, the Ford Transcontinental is a very sophisticated truck of its time, offering the driver a high level of comfort and high power output for the time, a proven 14-liter Cummins engine with 290-350 horsepower output. Ford Transcontinental as a popular vehicle for drivers, especially those who transport long distances even between continents. The current Ford Transcontinental is a model of this tractor currently considered a great collection choice. Ford Transcontinental 1978 Legendary Tractor Truck

Ford CLT-9000 1978 Design Tractor Tough

Ford CLT-9000 1978 Design Tractor Tough – Ford CLT-9000 1978 This is a replacement for the heavy-duty W-Series truck. The new Ford brings CL-9000 tagging and represents a considerable improvement over the model they replace. Ford also celebrated its 75th birthday in 1978 and made a special note to achieve the target through a very successful national sales promotion campaign. Ford CLT-9000 1978 with an exterior that looks very sturdy with a fairly high cabin and interior inside really provide comfort for the driver in doing the task. The Ford CLT-9000 1978 became Ford’s flagship linehauler. The aerodynamic CL cabin can be ordered at that time with an air spring to smooth the shocks on the road. The truck as a heavy load carrier like the Ford CLT-9000 1978 is pretty much a company that is very passionate because believing in the strength of this heavy loader machine can perform heavy-loaded tasks without being a burden for Ford CLT-9000 1978.