Tata eMO Concept 2012 Design Interior Exterior

The eMO was produced by Tata Technologies Vehicle Programs and Development (VPD) Group. The eMO’s engineering underlines ‘right size’ individual urban transportation by minimizing its outside impression and augmenting inside space, including seating for four grown-ups. eMO has adaptability to do twofold obligation as an individual payload transporter, without the mass and cost of a devoted trunk.

As an electric vehicle, the eMO fuses configuration points of interest over an ICE vehicle like smoother streamlined surfaces and shorter shades. In view of maintainability, eMO profits by a low carbon impression and a recyclability system.

Tata dispatches in Electric Mobility with a model exhibited at the Detroit Motor Show, named eMO Concept. The fairly inquisitive lines of this little city are described by contradicting entryways, emptied sides and a gag straight from a sci-fi film. Inside, the middle support is moderate with the majority of the data and orders gathered on a touch screen.

Another specificity of the model, the mid-section does not exist. It is thusly the seats proposed for the back travelers which are relinquished for the advantage of the gear with the main probability of stacking them through the entryways. Without a doubt, as on the Tata Nano, the storage compartment is settled.

With a theoretical cost of around 20,000 dollars, the Tata eMO achieves a greatest speed constrained to 105 km/h for a scope of 160 km gave by a battery of 18.4 kWh.

The Indian producer does not expect to create this vehicle but rather needs to show its capacity to deliver a model fit for beguiling all drivers, including those of the most troublesome markets like the American one.

Tata eMO Concept 2012 Design Interior Exterior

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