Tesla Roadster 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

Tesla Roadster 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car – The Tesla Roadster powertrain comprises of four fundamental parts: the battery pack (which we call Energy Storage System or ESS), engine, transmission, and the PEM (Power Electronics Module), none of which are “off-the-rack” segments. Maybe, each incorporates developments, both little and extensive, to bolster our central goal of a superior auto that is tender on the earth. Together, these four parts structure a standout amongst the most instrumented autos ever constructed. Vitality Storage System (ESS)

The Tesla Roadster’s “fuel tank” tips the scales at around 1,000 pounds and conveys four to five times the vitality thickness stores of different batteries. Protected, light, strong, and recyclable, it speaks to the greatest development in the Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster and is one of the biggest and most exceptional lithium-particle battery packs on the planet. Why this matters to you, the driver, is that it liberates you to drive more remote than any time in recent memory in an EV, while getting a charge out of the force of world-class execution. The configuration guarantees ideal working conditions which expand the life of the phones, while offering large amounts of security.

Tesla Roadster 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

This is the exact inverse of what you involvement with a gas motor, which has next to no torque at a low rpm and just achieves top torque in a limited rpm range. This drives you to roll out successive apparatus improvements to keep up ideal torque. With the Tesla Roadster, you get awesome increasing speed and the most noteworthy vitality productivity in the meantime. All while requiring no exceptional driving aptitudes to appreciate it. This makes the Tesla Roadster six times as effective as the best games autos while creating one-tenth of the contamination.

A well-fabricated auto considers security much sooner than it gets together with smooth surfaces or red-light runners. At Tesla, we talk as far as “dynamic” and “inactive” security, guaranteeing our autos are manufactured to keep a crash and to minimize harm ought to one be unavoidable. The auto’s exceptionally plan with its low focus of gravity and finely tuned controlling offers such stable wheel control that it drives like it’s on rails.

At Tesla, we fixate on them. The reason is straightforward: when driving, tires are your just contact with the outside world. Keeping that contact consistent, agreeable, and with great hold is critical to security. The Tesla Roadster begins with prevalent Yokohama tires, and fits them onto custom and directional wheels. Our autonomous, twofold wishbone suspension guarantees that every wheel works freely with ideal tire-to-ground contact at all times. Furthermore, on the grounds that tire weight is essential to an adjusted drive, our VDS (Vehicle Display System) comes standard with a tire-weight checking framework.

Engine Specifications
Cylinders : 375 Volt Ac Induction Air-Cooled Electric Motor With Variable Frequency Drive
Power : 185 Kw @ 4500-8500 Rpm | 248 Hp @ 4500-8500 Rpm | 248 Bhp @ 4500-8500 Rpm
Torque : 276 Lb-Ft @ 0-4500 Rpm | 374 Nm @ 0-4500 Rpm
Fuel System : Ac Induction
Fuel : Electric
Performance Specifications
Top Speed : 125 Mph Or 201 Km/H
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 Kph) : 4 S
Transmission Specifications
Drive Type : Rear Wheel Drive
Gearbox : Single Speed
Brakes Specifications
Front : Ventilated Discs
Rear : Ventilated Discs
Tires Specifications
Tire Size : 175/55 R16 (Front) – 225/45 R17 (Rear)
Dimensions Specifications
Length : 155.4 In Or 3947 Mm
Width : 72.9 In Or 1852 Mm
Height : 44.3 In Or 1125 Mm
Front/Rear Track : 57.7/59 In Or 1,466/1,499 Mm
Wheelbase : 92.6 In Or 2352 Mm
Weight Specifications
Unladen Weight : 2723 Lbs Or 1235 K

Tesla Roadster 2007 Design Interior Exterior Car

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