Toyota 2000GT Targa 1966 Design Interior Exterior Car

Toyota 2000GT Targa 1966 Design Interior Exterior Car – In 1966, the James Bond movie producers Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman decided that the next 007 film was to be You Only Live Twice (instead of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). Even though a lot of the original Fleming novel would be eliminated, the film was to be set and filmed mainly in Japan. Little did they know what they were in for.

The media frenzy that was going on in Japan has been widely discussed among Bond fans and shall not be the topic of this article. When speaking of You Only Live Twice, people think of Japan, Little Nellie, Ken Adam’s hollowed out-volcano and Donald Pleasence’s iconic Ernst Stavro Blofeld. But there also was a true gem of a Bond car involved: the Toyota 2000GT. Learn more about this unique vehicle and it’s history.

In 1963, Toyota had started in several lower categories at the Japanese Grand Prix and succeeded in all of them. Execs decided that Toyota needed to build a real sports car. Not easy for a company who had never done something like this, and in a country where nobody had done this before.

By that time, Japanese cars weren’t exactly to the world what they are nowadays: they were still something exotic. Toyota wanted to build that car to show the world that they were serious car manufacturers who really understood their job. And above all, they were desperate to succeed on the American market.

In May 1964, a small special unit was formed under the leadership of Jiro Kawano to develop what was then called the 280A. They knew that Nissan was working on a similar project, so there was no time to lose. Principal design and development had to be done by the end of the year. In December 1964, a first 1:5 scale model of the car was ready.

Toyota 2000GT Targa 1966 Design

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