Toyota Belta 2005 Design Interior Exterior Car

Toyota Belta is by the same token supported from the names Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios. The Car directed its concept in November 2005 and it is mostly the sedan play by play of Toyota Vitz hatchback or Toyota Yaris. In Japan, the pickup is known by bodily of a want of Toyota Belta mean in North American, Australian and South Asian markets it is vacant under the Toyota Yaris and Vios nameplates.
The Toyota Belta postponed its work of genius in Japan notwithstanding its further in concept in Australia under Toyota Yaris nameplate.

Toyota Belta is mostly the second sedan story of Toyota Yaris hatchback (Also known as Toyota Vitz) and as a result of the four by eight is assembled in Japan, its ready to be drawn by all of a Front wheel brought pressure to bear up on or a 4 Wheel drive.
The Toyota Belta had 3 disparate power trains and it was exported by all of 1.5 liter engine discipline to which the smaller engines were not available in large amount countries.

1.0 liter (3 capacity cylinder 996 cc)
1.3 liter (4 capacity cylinder 1296 cc)
1.5 liter (4 capacity cylinder 1497 cc)

The pickup was available by all of a 4 facilitate ad hoc or Super CVT-i ad hoc transmission. A Super ECT copy (Electronic gat a handle on something transmission) was besides offered in eclipse trims. In many disparate countries the Toyota Belta / Yaris sedan / Vios was by the same token available by the whole of a 5 speed manual transmission.

Listed flat are the with all the extras specifications of all three variants of Toyot Belta  / Yaris sedan / Vios.

Toyota Belta 2005 Design

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