Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2016 Design Interior Exterior Car

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2016 Design Interior Exterior CarToyota CH-R globally comprehensive, clear presence of Toyota CHR is a mission that is quite important. According to information circulating that the car is a mission to win the global competition Crossover car market, where Toyota CH-R will compete head to head with the Honda crossover car Honda HR-V which has been introduced and marketed globally.

Certainly not an easy task for Toyota CH-R to be able to compete with the Honda HR-V car because the car is carrying a wide range of advantages and look very sport. The price paid by the manufacturer if it wants to beat Toyota Crossover honda car Toyota would have to give birth Toyota CHR with various advantages and should definitely more sporty than its competitors.

Although the manufacturer Toyota has not officially released the car crosovernya but thanks to the pictures or photos Toyota CH-R. The motorcycle enthusiasts can look outside to see this car, you can see in every part of the car body is almost all of them are packed with luxury and sporty appearance. Let’s see one by one exterior Toyota CHR, at the front of the car has a shape that is quite similar to rival Honda HRV. It’s just that this car looks more aggressive with slanting headlamp shaped just like an eagle eye. Where in the headlamp has been embedded LED lights that are small small neatly arranged. Despite having a tiny LED lighting but for the affairs unquestioning. Elegant impression you can also see on the epannya, where yan black grill where the middle pinned toyota logo that makes this car more classy. Turning to the side, looking at the side of this car like a race car. This is because this car has only one door, which at the rear is made with curved tapering to the rear. And on the back Toyota CH-R has a larger size, which at the back there are trunk is spacious enough to put goods in large numbers.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2016 Design Interior Exterior Car

Once satisfied describe one by one the outside Toyota CH-R, then we invite you to see the car’s interior. Actually for interior affairs Toyota CH-R, we do not know exactly about what features are pinned on this car. But seeing the interior pictures Toyota CHR presented above, we think the car is wrapped with super luxurious interior design with a wide range of comprehensive features. Suppose for the entertainment business, the interior shots of the Toyota CH-R above shows a fairly extensive lcd screen is placed on top of the dashboard. Although not yet know details about what features are pinned on this car but look at the layout of the buttons are pinned on the car’s dashboard looks very neat and comfortable. And what caught our attention instead on the wheel, if most cars toyota equipped with the steering wheel is round, but the Toyota CHR using six square-shaped steering wheel with silver and white color cast that gives the impression of luxury.

And until such time as we discuss the performance or machine used in this latest Toyota car. According to the info we received, the manufacturer Toyota will equip Toyota CH-R with a hybrid engine that is supported by a 1.8-liter engine that mix with the motor electrically wearing CVT transmission system. If Toyota CHR so use this machine, then this car will issue a power of 121bhp. In addition to the 1.8-liter engine, the information developed from manufacturer Toyota also will bring this car with a three-cylinder engine capacity of 1.2 liter equipped with a turbocharged. With these machines, Car Crossover Toyota is capable of removing a maximum power of 114bhp with a maximum torque of 185nm. It’s incredible speed for cars Crossover class.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2016 Design Interior Exterior Car

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