Toyota Corolla Sportivo 5-door 2003 Design Interior Exterior Car

Toyota Corolla Sportivo 5-door 2003 Design Interior Exterior Car – Especially considering the weaknesses of the past Sportivo, a hot bring forth with a superb turbocharged motor that for the most part conquered the auto’s capacity to control itself. It was not a model of beyond any doubt footed footing, or how to minimize front-drive torque-direct. In any case, the new Toyota Corolla Sportivo is a shockingly very much adjusted bundle, in which motor outline proficiency replaces economically obtained turbo control and downplayed presentation replaces unfulfilled guarantee.

A glance at the determinations ought to give more than a unimportant sign to the hot Toyota‘s capacities. The motor, for a certain something. With a large group of force removing highlights including variable valve timing and variable valve lift (which starts breathing all the more profoundly from 6000rpm), the twin-cam, multi-valve motor can deliver an extraordinary 141kW from its 1.8 liters.

This, as Toyota calls attention to, surpasses the 100 strength for each liter check that was once viewed as the objective for exceedingly tuned (non-turbocharged) race motors. The power proportionate would be a 5.7-liter Holden V8 that delivered about 450kW.

On the other hand, maybe more critically, it’s significant the particular yield is superior to that of the turbocharged Astra SRi that, with 2.0 liters, delivers just 6kW more than the Sportivo. On the off chance that the Sportivo’s particulars sound marginally well known, don’t be amazed: this motor, the 2ZZ-GE, is the same as that utilized as a part of the present Toyota Celica. What’s more, looking all the more profoundly into the Sportivo’s details, you’ll discover something else that additionally has a place in a Celica: the six-speed, close-proportion transmission.

What, basically, we are discussing here is a Celica with a five-entryway hatchback body. The motor details are so close as to be for all intents and purposes indistinguishable (an additional 1kW is created 200rpm higher in the rev range), as are those of the six-speed gearbox. Just top apparatus has been juggled to give somewhat more quickening agent reaction.

The impression of the Corolla is basically the same as the Celica with an indistinguishable wheelbase, and track measurements that are inside millimeters of each other. Front suspensions are both by MacPherson struts as well, in spite of the fact that the Corolla uses a more straightforward torsion bar raise hub where the Celica utilizes an autonomous multi-interface framework. Maybe the nearest thing to a critical contrast is the weight: the Corolla tips the scales at around 100kg more than the Celica.

Yet, at 1224kg, the Toyota Corolla Sportivo is no heavyweight and a great many people would push to identify any genuine distinction in accelerative capacities. Toyota claims 0-100km/h increasing speed of 8.4 seconds and a standing 400-meter time of 16.1 seconds, which is not very shabby for a worked-over little auto.

The marginally deceived up body downplays the case. The Toyota Corolla Sportivo gets an unobtrusive pack including a front spoiler, side skirts and back deck spoiler, all upheld by an arrangement of 10-talked amalgam wheels. There’s a lot of degree for post-retail undertakings. Inside it gets somewhat more genuine with calfskin confronted seats, cowhide on the controlling haggle lever, and Lexus-style “Optitron” top quality instruments.

There’s a sprinkle of silver trim encompassing the middle control bunch, and additionally a six-speaker sound framework with six-plate CD changer and cassette player. There’s no scrutinizing it’s a quite rich Corolla, particularly when atmosphere control aerating and cooling is likewise recorded as standard.

The matter of driving the Toyota Corolla Sportivo is as you’d envision: bunches of revving (the 141kW comes in at 7800rpm) and a pleasant, close-proportion gearbox to minimize delays in increasing speed. The main issue accompanies figuring out how to easily work the grabby yet light grasp.

The six velocities are pleasantly dispersed, with top apparatus permitting the Corolla to keep working in the higher-speed domains for simple passing and showing no issues keeping up pace on tough inclinations.

The four-chamber sounds great as well, something else that makes it both simple and pleasurable to give the auto a workout at each open door. Albeit low-speed torque is very worthy – regardless of the reality its greatest and excellent 180Nm does not come in until 6800rpm, apparently leaving an extremely thin, 1000rpm power band – it is one of the those autos that best uncovers its character at the upper spans of the rpm band.

However the Toyota Corolla Sportivo can be inched along joyfully in activity and will react in a more direct manner to low-speed throttle contributions than generally turbos. The taking care of, with 16-inch composite haggles/55 tires, is spring up to the undertaking – once in a while is there an indication of torque control or some other front-drive characteristics.

For the most part front-drive autos are more sensible without an excess of low-speed torque and here the Toyota Corolla Sportivo meets the necessities flawlessly. Yes, it is conceivable to instigate some torque control under hard first-equip speeding up, particularly if the street surface is uneven, yet we should not overlook the power-weight proportion we are discussing here.

The Toyota Corolla Sportivo likewise controls pleasantly, with a decent harmony between weight at higher speeds and simplicity of low-speed taking care of. The Corolla is no brute expected for those with an inclination for substantial directing and quick reactions to an anxious quickening agent pedal.

It controls and sticks like the games auto it is, yet the ride is acceptably agreeable notwithstanding a worked-over suspension. The brakes are up to the undertaking as well, with four-channel antilock, brake help and electronic brake-constrain dissemination moved down by circles on every one of the four wheels (ventilated at the front).

The primary distortion among hot lids is the Sportivo’s five-entryway body. Customarily three entryways are the standard, and little contention such a body arrangement will by and large permeate an auto with a sportier look. In any case, the Corolla looks quite thick at any rate, and doubtlessly the additional entryways are much more advantageous, particularly in a pleasantly space-effective auto like the Corolla that welcomes additional travelers.

All things considered, it’s an entirely sizzling bundle that is more fulfilling to drive than its outward appearance proposes, and is very rich inside with its calfskin seats, atmosphere control and respectable sound framework. Furthermore, the reality there’s a genuine games auto sneaking underneath is unmistakable.

body type 4/5 seater hatchback
number of doors 5
mm inches
wheelbase 2600 102.4
track/tread (front) 1480 58.3
track/tread (rear) 1460 57.5
length 4175 164.4
width 1695 66.7
height 1470 57.9
ground clearance 160 6.3
length:wheelbase ratio 1.61
kerb weight 1224 kg 2698 lb
fuel tank capacity 60 litres 13.2 UK Gal 15.9 US Gal
engine type naturally aspirated petrol
engine manufacturer Toyota
engine code 2ZZ-GE
cylinders Straight 4
capacity 1.8 litre
1795 cc
(109.538 cu in)
bore × stroke 82 × 85 mm
3.23 × 3.35 in
bore/stroke ratio 0.96
double overhead camshaft (DOHC)
4 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total
maximum power output 192 PS (189 bhp) (141 kW)
at 7800 rpm
specific output 105.3 bhp/litre
1.73 bhp/cu in
maximum torque 180 Nm (133 ft·lb) (18.4 kgm)
at 6800 rpm
specific torque 100.28 Nm/litre
1.21 ft·lb/cu3
sump wet sumped
compression ratio 11.5:1
fuel system EFI
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1260.1 kPa (182.8 psi)
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 448.75 cc
aspiration Normal
compressor N/A
intercooler None
catalytic converter Y
acceleration 0-100km/h 8.4 s
standing quarter-mile 16.1 s
power-to-weight ratio 156.56 PS/g
115.14 kW/g
154.41 bhp/ton
0.07 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 8.68 kg/kW
14.51 lb/bhp
engine position front
engine layout transverse
drive wheels front wheel drive
torque split N/A
steering rack & pinion PAS
turns lock-to-lock 3.290
front suspension I.MS.ARB.
rear suspension TBAx.CS.ARB.
wheel size front 6JJ x 16
wheel size rear 6JJ x 16
tyres front Bridgestone Turanza 195/55 R 16 87V
tyres rear Bridgestone Turanza 195/55 R 16 87V
brakes f/r VeDi/Di-S-ABS
front brake diameter 275 mm
rear brake diameter 279 mm
gearbox 6 speed manual
top gear ratio 0.82
final drive ratio 4.53

Toyota Corolla Sportivo 5-door 2003 Design Interior Exterior Car

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