Toyota Corona EXiV 1989 Design Interior Exterior Car

The Corona EXiV was a car produced by Toyota Motor Company. Discharged in 1989, it was the sumptuous hardtop rendition of the Corona and was acquainted with imitate the twin Carina ED. The letters EXiV are gotten from the words EXtra impressiVe. In Japan, the Corona EXiV was select to Toyota Japan dealerships called Toyopet Store areas, and sold beside the Corona. The Corona EXiV and Carina ED have a similar Toyota “T” stage as Celica. The Carina ED was restrictive to Toyota Store areas, and the Celica was selective to Toyota Corolla Store areas. At the point when the EXiV was ended, the Toyota Progrès showed up for the market section served by the EXiV.

The EXiV’s had a rich, hardtop configuration, contrasted with the normal Corona Sedan. The Corona EXiV is the sister auto, utilizing an indistinguishable stage from the Carina ED. The hardtop approach was additionally utilized on the yet littler Corolla/Sprinter stage, called the Corolla Ceres and the Sprinter Marino; these autos were offered for shoppers who needed the extravagant approach offered by the Crown hardtop and car, and also the Mark II (4-entryway car), Cresta (4-entryway hardtop) and Chaser (4-entryway hardtop and execution improvements) however at a lower cost and decreased assessment risk in view of the vehicles size and motor uprooting.

Initially discharged in 1989, in view of the second era Carina ED, furthermore utilized a similar 3S-FE and 3S-GE motors. Inside the “Toyopet Store” dealership chain, the EXiV filled the place left by the leaving Corona Coupé.

Toyota Corona EXiV 1989 Design Interior Exterior Car

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