Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 Aggressive Athletic Design

Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 Aggressive Athletic Design – Toyota Crown 2018 slightly transformed into a masculine and aggressive athletic sedan, but retains the distinctive elegance that has always been the main attraction of the Toyota Crown. Seeing the exterior area of ​​Toyota Crown 2018 front once felt a sporty nuance. In the exterior area of ​​the future now Toyota Crown 2018 has an aggressive front fascia with a grille shaped like a crown silhouette, following a typical Toyota Crown logo in the middle.

There are chrome details that fill the side of the grillle and line line that separates the grille area with fog lamp. Talk about the lights are equipped with LED headlights, and the Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 get LED sequential turn signals. Nuance line design heavy sedan fastback felt in the Toyota Crown 2018. This can be seen from the front hood design that feels elongated with low slung effect, and start from the B pillar design of the roofline line made slop like a fastback car.

Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 Aggressive Athletic Design

To strengthen this presence, Toyota also redesigned the glass area Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 with six-side window and glass frame on the door berkelir black. Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 executive with body posture 4,910 mm x 1,800 mm x 1,455 mm is also increasingly strengthening the characteristics of sporty through the selection of 18-inch alloy wheels with aluminum material.

The effects of the roofline design like a fastback, making the rear aft design of Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 feel very muscular and sexy. This is due to the addition of details such as ducktail spoiler, four exhaust tail pipes, and black panel accents that separated the exhaust and lower bumper area. In order to remain elegant, Toyota also pinned chrome accents on the top panel area of ​​the license plate space in the trunk door. Taillamp design is made flat and has adopted LED technology.

The interior of the Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 with the luxury and sophistication of a modern executive interior ecosystem with the selection of wood materials along with the finest leather that can be ordered for color selection. Certainly the figure who is in the wheel and sitting in the seat of passenger Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 can feel the driving experience and interaction more comfortable and fun than the sedan executive class.

Modern nuance becomes a big theme of Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 dashboard. This is because Toyota adopted two screens for Data Communication Module as a ‘command center’ of various features in the car. This also results in a variety of feature buttons are now transferred to the digital screen, and result in dashboard design is now becoming more clean and minimalist.

The DCM main display on the Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 8 inch dimension is positioned slightly away to the back of the dashboard to provide a better viewing angle for drivers and passengers. While the secondary screen adopts 7-inch touch screen placed parallel to the steering area, so the driver can directly operate a variety of features in the car with the movement of the hand more comfortable without moving away from the steering area.

Toyota Crown 2018 seats are designed more oriented for long distance driving lovers with semi sport front seats and rear seat more contoured. The effect of the seat becomes better in ’embracing’ the body, as well as comfort for long distance travel to stay awake. In the rear seats provide an improvement through the wider leg room. Not to miss access in and out for rear passengers Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 also noticed through the handle is positioned behind the driver’s seat and front passenger.

Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 is equipped with features of Toyota’s data communications data system and all the needs are not just about GPS or mapping only. System security and safety features are no longer just through the 12 airbags owned, but also other external features that make safety for both passengers and pedestrians are well preserved.

To that end Toyota is implementing a series of preventive safety features of Toyota Safety Sense II which includes features Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), Automatic High Beam, Adaptive High Beam System, Road Sign Assist, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, and Rear Cross Traffic Auto Brake . As for the first time Toyota adopted a feature called Rear Pedestrian Support Brake, which will do the automatic braking when the car detects the pedestrian was caught by the camera when doing backward motion.

Toyota made two fundamental approaches to produce a more impressive driving sensation. The approach begins with the determination of the exact car architecture, and the choice of high-powered engine as well as efficient. From the aspect of car architecture, Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 has been using the architecture of the car TNGA (Toyota New Generation Architecture) combined with multi-link suspension on all four wheels. Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 is able to present responsive handling character at high speed, while remaining stable and comfortable when used at low speed.

Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018 is available in three types, the 2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine Hybrid System engine coded A25A-FXS, 3.5 liter V-6 Multi-stage Hybrid System coded 8GR-FXS, and 2.0 liter Direct-Injection Turbo Engine coded 8AR- FTS. Each engine uses an automatic transmission with different specifications, and is available in both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive versions (2.5 liter engine versions only). And to enhance the driving preoccupation, Drive Mode Select is available to set the drive mode. One mode in Drive Mode Select is quite interesting is the ‘Custom Mode’, which is available specifically in the Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018, serves to facilitate the driver set the preferences of setting the engine, chassis, until the car air conditioning system.

Toyota Crown RS Advance 2018

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