Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 Revolutionary 4WD Design

Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 Revolutionary 4WD Design – Introducing the revolutionary 2014 Toyota FT-4X Concept, designed by Toyota CALTY Design Research to address the growing impulse of this. This 4-door 4WD crossover features a generous approach and departure angle that adds to the excellence of the Toyota FT-4X on various road terrains. The wide overfenders and the fat tires add a simple rugged exterior, while inside, it’s a toolbox for all purposes. Rear folding chairs become flat and secure the cargo with tracks at the top, slide out the rear cargo floor to open more storage areas, and access the Multi-Hatch back door divided to swing open or serve as a one-piece lift door.

Off-roadish details such as black plastic fenders, honorable approaches and departure angles, hook hooks, aggressive tires, high ground clearance, integrated walking boards, and iconic TOYOTA badges on the grille and tailgate all give the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 an appealing look more functional than most crossover concepts.

Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 Interior Design

Tailgate rear Toyota FT-4X Concept is equipped with a large dial that rotates 90 degrees. This changes the way open hatches. With the dial turning vertical, the hatch opens outward with its two doors split in the middle. Rotate the button horizontally, and the entire lift door opens like a conventional SUV hatch. Double action liftgate provides additional functionality not found in crossovers or other SUVs. The roof is also designed for functionality. Its flat design makes storage on the roof simple, while four fastening hooks in every corner make cargo security easy. Toyota designers try the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 glass window just behind the rear door on the driver’s side designed to imitate the rear side windows on the old Toyota Pickup Xtracab.

The interior of the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 is full of the features and ideas behind the layout and details of the draw and forward thinking. Unusual dwarf plates on the dashboard make room for horizontal HVAC bar ventilation and pod-style glove boxes and measuring clusters. It also keeps cool storage for opportunities and ends. The steering wheel shares a little design with the current 4Runner. The measuring band itself is very small, indicating digital speed readings, tachometers, and information on coolant temperatures and fuel levels.

Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 Revolutionary 4WD Design

Interior Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 looks interesting and somewhat practical. The low down is a dial very similar to the one on the back door. The small screen on the right shows the menu function. To switch between menus, just rotate the buttons to HVAC, Audio, and Maps. It’s not the easiest to use system, but it’s definitely different. More calls can be seen on the door panel. The window switch rotates, with the left turn up the window and turn right down. The rocker switch operates the door lock.

The Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 has a center console between the front seats holding back many items, including a North Face sleeping bag that doubles as a palm rest. Large open space at the bottom of the console offers plenty of storage, though not so practical for smaller items.

The rear interior of the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 is a seat that can fold onto the floor, making plenty of space to store larger items. The rear load floor also slid outward even though the tailgate was open, revealing a massive underwater storage compartment perfect for hiding valuables. The red tie hook matches the hook on the outside, while providing plenty of space to secure the cargo.

Many assume the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 uses a four-cylinder engine that will replace the 2.0 liter found in some Toyota products. Perhaps this is a replacement for the old four-cylinder 2.7 liter capacity at the basic Tacoma and the budget-friendly Highlander. Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 four-wheel drive system as front-wheel drive during normal operation, with the rear axle active when the driver wants it. The FT-4X drives the Toyota New Global Architecture, which accommodates the driveline type FWD, RWD, and AWD / 4WD. Details about the suspension include “advanced” MacPherson struts on the front and double-wishbone rear suspension. Surely it would be nice to see how Toyota designed the road-going version, assuming the Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 will move beyond the concept stage.

Toyota FT-4X Concept 2017 Revolutionary 4WD Design

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