Toyota Tundrasine 2015 Exclusive Limousine Design

Toyota Tundrasine 2015 Exclusive Limousine Design – In 2015 Toyota brought the Tundra pickup to a more luxurious atmosphere than the standard Tundra. The concept of luxury and length with the Tundra is enough to make an impressive impression with the Toyota Tundrasine concept, which later became part of the 2015 Special Market Equipment Exhibition (SEMA).

At SEMA, it provides an extreme class of the Toyota Tundrasine Concept 2015. This is displayed by the Toyota Tundrasine beyond what is normally expected. So at SEMA this is the perfect event to debut the best concept vehicle from the Tundra and turn it into an exclusive limo-style executive transportation vehicle, which has eight doors.

The vehicle starts as a standard pickup namely the Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4 × 4 CrewMax 5.7L V8 which drives 376 PS and 543 Nm of torque. Toyota then converts the full-size Tundra into a limousine that is larger than the standard size. The Toyota Tundrasine 2015 concept is more than 26 feet long and has a 235.9-inch wheelbase. The exterior is painted in Midnight Black Metallic, and eight doors are opened to reveal a custom and functional brown leather interior, inspired by the cockpit and luxurious and exclusive private jet passenger compartment. The expanded body result and the addition of a luxurious interior weighing 3,618 kilograms.

Base vehicle: Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4 × 4 CrewMax 5.7LV8
Exterior color: Midnight Black Metallic
Interior color: Brown leather
Wheelbase: 235.9 ‘(+ 90.2’ vs. CrewMax Tundra stock)
Overall length: 319.1 ‘(+ 90.2’)
Overall height: 76.2 ‘(no change)
Overall width: 79.9 ‘(no change)
Track (front / rear): 67.9 ‘/ 67.9’ ​​(no change)
Curb weight: 7.978 lbs. (+ 2,288 lbs.)

Toyota Tundrasine 2015 Exclusive Limousine Design

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