Truck International 9800 2004 With Powerful Design

Truck International 9800 2004 With Powerful Design – International which is a truck manufacturer “9800” with cabin located on top of “Cab Over Engine”. In the production of such heavy vehicles, which are similar in layout. Mostly due to the technical superiority of cars, competitive pricing, and above all great resources.

The 9800 2004 International Truck is equipped with a flat-floor cabin, the absence of cabin between the driver and passenger of the engine casing, greatly facilitating truckers access to the sleep compartment, as well as increasing the living space, and the crew seats become spinning, and they turn 180 degrees.

Truck International 9800 2004 With Powerful Design

International Truck 9800 2004 is produced in two versions, they differ in displacement of the front axle relative to the bumper: SBA-1350 model, SFA-711 millimeter model. In addition, the trucks of this model have a variety of chassis, transmission units, wheelbase options, and, of course, taxis. Most often, the tractor is equipped with diesel engines: Cummins N14 plus, and M11 plus, and still finds the sixty-sixth Detroit Diesel engine, whose work volume is 11-14 liters, its power is 280-435 horsepower.

International Truck 9800 2004 with FULLER brand gearbox, has 9 to 13 stages, they are mechanical, but also automatic gearbox from ALLISON company also incorporated. Rockwell, which is equipped with the interlocking of the differential center with a pneumatic drive. Suspension in front of car and rear wheels – no springs, and pneumatic Air Ride. In this model, the steering with power-assisted steering, also has cruise control stuffing, additional heating, tachograph, fuel-heating system.

The cabs that are owned by International 9800 2004 truck mounted on SFA modifications are the most compact, and at the same time their dimensions are: length of 1,600 millimeters, and height of 1,500 millimeters in nutria. And in the other cabin, the most widespread “Pro Sleeper HZ-Rise” dimension is: the length is 2794 millimeters, and the height is 2362 millimeters. In the cabin, in its domestic compartment, whose dimensions are 1016 millimeters and 1.422 millimeters high, one or two beds with a width of 710-940 mm can be installed. This model has a fuel tank with a capacity of 757-1514 liters.

Truck International 9800 2004 With Powerful Design

The truck configuration of the International 9800 2004 axle has a wheelbase of 3454-4953 millimeters, and the total weight of the roadcar is 41-63.6 tons, while for two axles the total weight of the roadcar is 40-44.5 tons, while the tractor truck weighs only 5 tons. The “International” company is practically the most important in its commercial activities, giving to the car market in the European Union. Especially for the European market, the main channel tractor 9800 SFA has been created, which can work together with standard semi trailers, without exceeding the overall length limit that is often done in Europe.

Truck International 9800 2004

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