Truck Mack Anthem 2018 With New Model And Design

Truck Mack Anthem 2018 With New Model And Design – With many current road tractors using almost identical shapes, albeit with unique style cues, Mack Anthem 2018 stands out from the crowd of heavy vehicles. With bright metal accents around the headlights and grille, large fenders and iconic bulldog ornaments are different from jelly-bean trucks. Despite its less aerodynamic appearance, Mack Anthem 2018 is 3% more efficient aerodynamically than the Pinnacle model it replaces. The new down-sped powertrain package and the latest engine technology promise to deliver fuel efficiency up to 11.8% better than the original Mack model with the previous generation GHG14 engine..

Truck Mack Anthem 2018 With New Model 48-inch Flat Top Sleeper Design

Truck Mack Anthem 2018 With New Model 48-inch Flat Top Sleeper Design

Drivers will be taken to these trucks because of their looks, but once they are at the door they will find the beauty of walking more than the depths of the skin. The interior has been completely revamped with a new dashboard layout, new trim options, and several new control interfaces. The sleeping interiors are also new, and Mack Anthem 2018 now offers a stand-up area in cabin dimensions. The driver no longer needs to bend when sliding out of the driver’s seat and into bed.

The five-year design project that became Mack Anthem started with the premise that trucks should look like Mack Anthem 2018 and aerodynamics. If you look closely, you can see where some of these benefits can be realized. The large square fenders are swept back in front and the nestle headlights become 45 degree pieces. The contours of the hood are steeper than Pinnacle’s, and the top rear edge has a knack for helping to sweep the air over the windshield and to the door.

The bumper includes a closed hatch-pull port, a lower air duct, and a close-range flange between it and a hood for better airflow. An optional aerodynamically neutral sun-visor, and a high roof on a smooth 70-inch bed model and includes a tab on the back to help guide air above the front edge of the trailer. Mack Anthem has a hood and bumper each of which has a three-piece design for easy repairs, and the hood and side glass are discrete. The optional hood mirror placement seems a bit odd when you stand on the curb looking at them, but they are in the right spot when viewed from the driver’s seat.

Truck Mack Anthem 2018 With New Model And Design

Mack Anthem comes with two styling options, lots of chrome, and bright trim around the grille, fenders, and headlights. Or not at all. There may be some middle ground available, but I prefer the sleek look of the black trim. There’s even a Black Dog trim featuring black paint schemes, black wheels, half fenders for drive wheels, and a black “MACK” on the front of the grille. The special truck seemed to be most popular among people who stopped to take a look during our two-day test drive.

Interior Mack Anthem has been modernized extensively. Among the changes from the old Pinnacle dashboard are the re-positioned mDrive selector. Now closer to the driver and down lower on the dashboard. There are DIN-ports on the dash for various bits of equipment such as seven-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, Electronic Logging Device, or storage slot. Above the dashboard is a smartphone holder that keeps the phone on a horizontal axis, and has a neat cable trough and a nearby USB power port so you will not have cables hanging all over the dashboard. There are about half a dozen USB ports around the truck, so finding the outlet should be much less trouble than with the previous model.

Panel-A is also new. Though pretty flashy, it’s functional and easy to see. It features a large tachometer and features a speedometer with crisp letters and LED taillights for a sharp white appearance. The six standard gauges, oil and water temperatures, fuel and DEF levels, and primary and secondary air pressure gauges, have a clear automotive display. Between tach and speedo is located on the five-inch Mack Co-Pilot screen. This is home to dozens of programmable screen drivers with everything the driver needs to know about his truck and journey.

There are two sleep options for Mack Anthem 2018, a 42-inch flat-top and a 70-inch stand-up model that offers an optional upper bunk for team operation. The stand-up model is one of the best that Mack has ever offered, with up to 27 cubic feet of storage in a premium model. The interior height just behind the driver’s seat is only seven feet tall. There are cabinets, cubby holes, cabinets, and ubiquitous shelves that you see, from right over the driver’s head and all the way across the back wall to sleep. And there’s still room for a fridge, desk, flat-screen TV, a 52-liter fridge with slide-out drawers, and a microwave closet.

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