Truck Volvo VNR 2018 With Dynamic New Design

Truck Volvo VNR 2018 With Dynamic New Design – Truck Volvo VNR 2018 represents the future of carriage. These trucks do not compromise, provide productivity and efficiency with quality and long distance facilities. Volvo VNR 2018 features a dramatic and aerodynamic exterior that is impossible to ignore. Typical contours improve airflow, while sophisticated LED lighting provides increased visibility and reduced maintenance. All models of Volvo VNR 2018 have high / low LED headlights, as well as LED lights, markers, and parking lights. Premium headlamp also features LED daytime “Running” LED lights. With wheel wheels up to 50 degrees and BBC only 113 inches.

Volvo VNR 2018 with the Daycab model delivers maximum in charge and maneuverability, while the sleep model adds efficiently configured accommodation for regional routes that run beyond the end of the day. Sleep-roof sleeper is perfect for flatbed and tanker applications, and mid-roof sleepers offer extra space for multi-day runs.

Truck Volvo VNR 2018 With Dynamic New Design

On the interior of Volvo VNR 2018 with seats has been refined based on extensive ergonomic research. From the smallest to the largest, drivers will benefit from optimized seat placement, improved adjustment ranges, and more accessible controls. Our internal cooling feature under the passenger seat provides cool storage that can be accessed from the driver’s seat for snacks and drinks.

Truck Volvo VNR 300 2018 With Dynamic New Design

Volvo VNR 2018 with a steering wheel design design that will be the right height and angle, no matter who is behind the wheel. With a three-way neckline, the driver has an almost endless selection of options to position the wheels exactly where they want them.

At the heart of the new and improved instrument cluster is a five-inch color driver display, with enhanced graphics, working with controls mounted on the steering wheel to provide key operating parameters, as well as access to travel information, performance data, and wide range of vehicle diagnostics.

Truck Volvo VNR 400 2018 With Dynamic New Design

The new infotainment system is optional in every Volvo VNR 2018. It features a seven-inch color touch screen and an integrated premium audio system. The driver can also choose to install navigation tools and a wide selection of third-party applications.

At Volvo, fuel efficiency is an important part of making Volvo the most fuel-efficient truck on the road. Fuel efficiency is more than one feature, it is a combination of specialized solutions that work together in perfect harmony to help achieve the desired performance with the fuel savings it needs. The result is a fuel efficiency tailor-made to cut operating costs.

Truck Volvo VNR 640 2018 With Dynamic New Design

The Volvo VNR 300 2018 cabin brings enhanced driving environments right into the lightweight and efficient funnel. The interior of the cabin is carefully arranged so that daily drivers remain productive, comfortable, and happy.

With a 42-inch flat roof bed, the Volvo VNR 400 2018 is perfect for regional overnight mileage applications where overall height is a consideration. By packing an efficient sleep into a compact BBC, Volvo VNR 400 2018 maintains maximum maneuverability for busy loading of sites or industry shipments.

As the time stops home fewer and further between your regional routes, 61-inch midsize sleep on Volvo VNR 640 2018 provides additional space to pursue documents or relax, and enough storage to keep the room organized. And with the short BBC, Volvo VNR 2018 still maintains excellent maneuverability.

Specification Volvo VNR 2018

Truck Volvo VNR 2018 With Dynamic New Design

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