New Trucks Renault C New Design With Efficiency

New Trucks Renault C New Design With Efficiency – In 2013 The Renault C truck is a technology chosen by Renault Trucks for the new Euro 6 engine ensuring fuel economy and, with the DTI 13 engine, an unprecedented level of performance. Essential quality to improve the profitability of logistics transportation activities. There is also a Renault C Cab 2.3 m Truck equipped with DTI 8 and DTI 11 engine and Optidriver automatic manual transmission as standard. Thanks to its narrow and low cabin, C Cab 2.3 m is the ideal vehicle for construction activities in more flexible and agile urban use.

The Renault C truck provides excellent driving comfort to cover all types of terrain, thanks to large ground clearance and off-road modes as standard on automatic manual transmission. To further improve mobility, an approved off-road model is available. The new Renault Trucks C construction circuit is designed with rigorously tested components and units and solutions. Robustness is also found in the exterior design of the vehicle. Aerodynamic design, on-board technology, rational driving training have all been designed to help reduce fuel consumption.

Optitrack is an alternative to all-wheel drive vehicles. Through the use of a hydrostatic drive system on the front wheels, Optitrack allows the vehicle to cope with challenging situations of 0 km/h. It offers an improved drive while maintaining reduced vehicle weight and low fuel consumption compared to other all-wheel drive vehicles. Renault Trucks C has an aluminum tank and wheel rim, disc brakes, a single reduction tandem axle that is with an unmeasurable weight of optimal, Renault C Trucks offer excellent payload. Many pre-equipment items help simplify and reduce body-mounting operations. For accessibility to the cabin and body the Renault Trucks C has been designed to make the driver’s daily work easier and facilitate vehicle service. More than one truck, the Renault Trucks C is the perfect work tool for increasing productivity.

Renault C 520 6×4 Tractor Sleeper Cab 2013

The main part of Renault Trucks C is the ergonomically adjustable and three-dimensional steering wheel that offers the ideal driver driving position. The large color main screen provides intuitive information about the vehicle’s status. The dashboard material has been designed for construction site applications and for maximum durability. Renault Trucks C has an increased cabin volume, night-cabin heaters available in all cabins, plenty of useful storage space, carefully considered settlement and interior trim design, the Renault Trucks C offers drivers a very comfortable state.

Renault Trucks C with windshield design and rearview mirror provides many advantages in terms of visibility. Different lights ensure maximum security under conditions and in all environments. Brake systems owned by different Renault Trucks C and intelligent driving assistance technology effectively protect personnel and keep the load. Many items of equipment and accessories further strengthen driver safety.

New Trucks Renault C New Design With Efficiency

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