UD Trucks Quon 2017 Heavy Duty Truck Design

UD Trucks Quon 2017 Heavy Duty Truck Design – UD Trucks Corp. launched a new version of a heavy duty truck named Quon. UD Trucks Quon 2017 cockpit is redesigned with operation and visibility that are ergonomically engineered from the bottom up. The electronically controlled new ESCOT-VI automatic transmission adopts a straight shift pattern that is simple and easy to use.

UD Trucks Quon 2017 Heavy Duty Truck Design

The new feature with the UD Trucks Quon 2017 collision prevention system uses high-precision radar and cabin-mounted cameras for dual monitoring of the road ahead. Disc brakes have excellent heat release features for exceptional anti-fading performance. Each component has been refined to realize a lighter truck overall. While achieving profits in the capacity to carry loads up to 200 kg depends on the model. Uptime is increased because new trucks are easier to maintain and repair. Reduction in the number of parts that require regular replacement and longer service intervals on genuine parts. Meanwhile, GPS system records are tilted on the roads that have been traversed by UD Trucks Quon 2017. The new Foretrack feature will anticipate road conditions and automatically control vehicle speed and engine speed.

UD Trucks Quon CG 2017 Heavy Duty Truck Design

The UD Trucks Quon 2017 engine with 11-liter GH11 is fuel-efficient and strong in accordance with exhaust emissions regulations, and all models reach + 5% above the 2015 fuel economy standard. And have about 10 percent more than the previous model. In addition, the Escot-VI AMT makes the truck almost as easy to drive as a passenger vehicle.

UD Trucks Quon CD 2017 Heavy Duty Truck Design

In accordance with its function UD Trucks Quon 2017 has several variants according to its application and suitability. Some configurations such as Quon CD (GVW – 20-25 tons, 6×2), Quon CG (GVW – 21-25 tons, 8×4), Quon CW (GVW – 20-22 tons, 6×4) and Quon Cx (GVW – 22-23, 5 tons, 6×4).

UD Trucks Quon 2017

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