Ural 44202-3511-80 pre-production 2013 Design Exterior Interior Truck

Ural 44202-3511-80 pre-production 2013 Design Exterior Interior Truck – The key is to plant introduction tractor ‘Ural-44202-3511-80 “in cabover adaptation with the wheel equation 6 × 6. The auto is another group of overhauled all-wheel drive “Ural” vehicles composed on the premise of “Ural-4320“. Overhauling parts and congregations has enhanced mounting elements of the auto, and additionally to build its heap parameters: limit – up to 13 tons, the aggregate weight – up to 22.5 tons, the aggregate weight of trains – up to 38 tons, the heap on the front pivot – up to 6.5 t .

Because of the modernization of the total database upgraded execution auto: the normal fuel utilization is lessened up to 36 liters up to 15 thousand kilometers expanded recurrence of upkeep, guarantee period is expanded to 50 thousand km or year and a half, the auto offer rose to 350 thousand…. km. The figure Tractor units introduced overhauled drive axles and exchange case, YaMZ-536 motor as a component of the force unit with the ZF transmission, and pneumatic drive of stopping mechanism. Modernization of the total base gives enhanced footing and element properties of the auto, permitting you to utilize it adequately in rough terrain conditions and on open streets.

Simplicity of driving frameworks and gives enhanced ergonomics of the working environment, which is actualized specifically by upgrading the directing haggle lever, expanding the driver’s seat alteration range, build the accommodation of the lodge section and leave areas. As a consequence of the progressions is given by diminishment in exhaustion and change of conditions for agreeable work in the working environment of the driver. The auto can be created both in the hood and in the cabover plan. The serial generation of autos is made arrangements for 2014.

The display introduced by the organization ATZ-12 on the premise of “Ural-4320-4972-80” cabover case (wheel equation 6 × 6). The auto is extending its scope of exceptional vehicles on the frame of “Ural”, which is customarily portrayed by high throughput, dependability, simplicity of administration and support. Petrol is planned for transportation, stockpiling and fleeting administering a wide range of lighter thickness fluid fuel is not more than 830 kg/m3. Bowsers outline gives consistent mass, immaculateness and nature of the moved and put away item. Tank ostensible limit of 12 cubic meters is furnished with a neck hatch-sewer vent; breathing contraption; staircase and stage for administration; ecological channel; inside fortified, in the neck of the tank is given a window to checking the fulfillment of the filling.

The tank is likewise furnished with two organizers for putting away weight suction hoses, sections for flame dousers, Box for sand. Innovative pipelines and weight suction hoses are furnished with fast couplings. Pump Bowsers is 480 liters for every moment. Bowsers furnished with a back defensive gadget as per GOST R 41.58-2001, hardware for evacuating friction based electricity, the requirement for outside light gadgets, method for lighting and flagging. Wire tackles and electrical gear are ensured against mechanical povrezhdeniy.Predstavlenny at the show auto is outfitted with the expanded volume cabover lodge with enhanced ergonomics.

The Company additionally gives presentation cabover auto “Ural-4320-4971-80” (6 × 6) with kranomanipulyatornoy establishment. The auto is intended for automated stacking, emptying and transportation of merchandise on a wide range of streets and landscape. Payload locally available a vehicle – 16 t gross blend weight – 33.3 tons introduced at the show auto is furnished with the expanded volume cabover lodge with enhanced ergonomics. “Ural-4320-4971-80” is furnished with cutting edge straight-six YaMZ-536 “Euro-4” force of 285 hp, 9-speed ZF transmission. The auto is furnished with kranomanipulyatornoy establishment with rope suspension snare. Greatest weight lifted burden at Reach up to 2.5 m – 7.2 m (at a weight heap of 1.1 m – 10.2 m, 400 kg – 18.8 m).

Ural 44202-3511-80 pre-production 2013 Design Exterior Interior Truck

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