Ural 55571-72M pre-production 2014 Design Exterior Interior Truck

Abandon it to the Russians to make the most BA truck on the planet. This is the 2015 Ural Next and it’s produces by the GAZ Group. The truck is the most recent cycle of the Ural line and elements a lot of new innovation to make it harder, as well as cut back on discharges.

While sparing eight percent on fuel utilization over the active truck is cool, the genuine features originate from what this overhauled truck is prepared to do. The truck includes a front pivot that is equipped for holding 6.5 tons while its back two axles can pull a noteworthy 13 tons. That is 26,000 pounds! Gracious, and it can do it all while crushing over trees and going through profound mud-filled trenches while navigating over the Motherland.

The Ural Next’s gigantic tires give it grasp with locking differentials on both back axles. A strong steel guard in advance keeps the Next’s extreme person body work shielded from effects while giving recuperation focuses and LED light mountings.

Power originates from the YaMZ-536 inline-six turbodiesel that is offered in 240-, 285-, and 312-torque yield levels. Torque is said to be approximately 900 pound-feet. The new powertrain is stand out viewpoint that makes the truck simple to roll over little structures and extensive precipices: the inside components updated ergonomics with simple to-use controls. The truck additionally gives clients the alternative to pick between a YaMZ or ZF-sourced manual transmission.

Ural 55571-72M pre-production 2014 Design Exterior Interior Truck

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