Ural 6563 2008 Design Exterior Interior Truck

Ural 6563 2008 Design Exterior Interior Truck – The presentation “Comtrans 2008” the best household truck has been perceived truck “Ural-6563” with the wheel recipe 8×4. It is utilized for transportation of metal and coal, and in addition different mass development, modern merchandise. Sum utilized dump stage 16 m , and the most extreme ascent, surmounted by a truck, it is 47%.

A component of the truck “Ural-6563” are programmed rear end bolts that open while lifting the stage. The stage is furnished with water driven tilting gadget driven by a pump through the PTO and electro-pneumatic control from the lodge lift. Dump Truck is furnished with a twofold lodge cabover.

In the event that prior suspension divided sort on semi-elliptic leaf springs and water driven safeguards has been connected on off-road vehicles “Ural” with the 8×8, it is presently utilized for its truck “Ural-6563. With this suspension could expand vehicle load limit up to 25 tons.

At this auto the “Yaroslavsky” turbocharged diesel motor YMZ-7511. The eight-chamber, V-twin motor with direct infusion produces 400 hp .. Ural auto with back release for the carriage of mass cargoes on the streets I-IV classes at an encompassing temperature from – 45 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Ural 6563 2008 Design Exterior Interior Truck

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