Urban Ergonomic Transport 2017 Scania P-Series and L-Series

Urban Ergonomic Transport 2017 Scania P-Series and L-Series – Over time Scania revealed to expand new truck-making designs to other models, focusing now on urban low-carbon transport solutions. Scania comprehensively sets the stage for the necessary changes towards sustainable transportation. The new Scania trucks all feature revised styling and product characteristics. Among them are increased thrust and increased visibility, improved safety, ergonomics and comfort. in urban areas.

Urban Ergonomic Transport 2017 Scania P-Series and L-Series - Scania L 280 4×2 - Scania P 280 4×2 - Scania L 320 6×4 - Scania P 320 4×2 - Photo: Scania 2017

Light trucks powered by the new 7.01 engine, Scania offers a new level of efficiency to city carriers with fuel savings of up to 10%. With more compact dimensions, the new P-Series Scania cabin can feature a lower engine tunnel, which opens a wider cabin cabin that benefits drivers in a number of ways.

Scania L-Series 2017 is the latest cabin series developed for urban transportation, such as distribution, collection and maintenance of waste. Scania says that drivers will benefit from a much better direct vision of their environment. The Scania L-Series 2017 driver will also have the same height as other road users, with the added advantage of improved working conditions when repeatedly in and out of the cab. The L-series has kneeling modes and steps up on both sides of the cabin.

Urban Ergonomic Transport Scania L320 6x2 2018

In addition to a better view of the surrounding traffic and introduce the City Safe Window which provides a better view of pedestrians and cyclists. Window on passenger side door is available for all Scania P series and L series cabins, and CrewCab.

The CrewCab style has become a popular worldwide solution for firefighters and Scania CrewCab has been specially designed for emergency tasks, maintaining ergonomics and safety in mind. For extra security, there is an option for up to four rollover side curtain airbags. The cabins accommodate up to eight passengers safely and comfortably, which includes a separate climatic system with self-regulation for the crew area.

Urban Ergonomic Transport 2017 Scania L280 and L320

For urban ergonomic transportation trucks 2017 using a new six-cylinder six-cylinder gas engine designed specifically for regional and long haul transport operations, providing climate-conscious drainage as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. For a 40-ton truck-and-trailer combination with tanks for liquid gas, the company said that the range has been extended to 1,100 km. At the same time also released a 9l gas engine for its new model.

Urban Ergonomic Transport 2017 Scania P-Series and L-Series

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