Design Double Decker Van Hool TX27 Astromega

Design double decker Van Hool TX27 Astromega Very Comfortable – The convenience of the Van Hool TX27 Astromega Top class bus is not just a slogan. Traveling with coach Van Hool TX27 Astromega is in a comfortable and relaxed holiday atmosphere from the start. In double decker too, wide step makes it easier for everyone to ride. And optimum road construction means that passengers can sleep peacefully or enjoy the entertainment offered on audio and video installations can be found on this modern coach. Van Hool TX27 Astromega Double-decker is available in length 13.14 m and 14.10 m.

Exterior design Double decker bus Van Hool TX27 Astromega red color is very sportive and looks very comfortable

The front portion of the Van Hool TX27 Astromega bus range is characterized by a sporty yet youthful design, which smoothly fits the coach’s side, and sets the standard for new-generation new coachs. The entire series of Van Hool TX27 Astromega buses are equipped with new generation LED lights that result in increased security, functionality and lifespan. The stainless steel window profiles feature the sporty and dynamic character of the Van Hool TX27 Astromega bus model, as well as the distinctive “Van Hool” look. The seamless side of the vehicle improves the aerodynamic characteristics, and thus helps reduce fuel consumption.

The custom-made lamp cluster is literally a catcher of the Van Hool TX27 Astromega bus and reflects the dynamic, sporty and solid character of the TX-range. Light clusters have been developed keeping in mind function and maximum security. Bi-xenon and halogen high-beam headlamps combined with integrated spotlights and repeating conversion signals are in fully closed clusters for optimum maintenance and durability.

The new entrance doors provide for a fine balance between refined design and durability. The front entrance door design, with lowered glass line, provides the driver with optimal visibility. The dual button to open both entrance doors provide more driver’s comfort. In order to ensure maximum safety both entrance doors come equipped with an additional sensitive edge. Also remotely controlled entrance doors, equipped with electric locks, are possible.

Design Double Decker Van Hool TX27 Astromega

Ergonomic & Ergonomic Ergonomic Design Van Hool TX27 Astromega bus. In the new dashboard design, driver comfort and ergonomics are essential. Without loss of functionality, additional space is created, thus improving the boarding and egress of the driver; among others by integrating the shift lever to the dashboard. The black shell above the dashboard prevents disturbing reflections on the front windshield but can also be removed allowing easy access to the components.

Comfort for your passengers the complete Van Hool TX27 Astromega range comes with a “state of the art” climate control system, in terms of ventilation, heating, air conditioning and operation. The new air conditioning with the compact AC188 drop in unit has a substantially increased capacity (35 kW cooling / 42 kW heating) with more airflow, in combination with a lower noise level. Easy access to filters and unit results in a better and faster maintenance. The new dual zone control, with separate sensors, for front and rear, that drive the water temperature floor heating system, guarantees an even temperature in the vehicle’s interior. The graphical color display in combination with the multifunctional turning knob provides for an easy and intuitive operation of the climate control.

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