VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Safe Comfort Double Decker Luxury Bus

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Safe Comfort Double Decker Luxury Bus – VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 new is a true member of the Futura family, with an easily recognizable VDL identity. VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 with the distinctive design and height of four meters is a real eye catcher on the road, allowing designers to create a beautiful aerodynamic front that looks like a curved single window. And this windshield consists of several parts, to reduce the cost of replacement if damaged. The history of the Futura family is evident in a prominent and highly recognizable logo and design language, as seen in front, the main light unit and the design elements on the side and back. VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Luxury limousine with length and 14,145 mm for up to 96 passengers, with three sturdy axles. The electronically controlled air suspension of VDL Futura FDD2 combines excellent road control with a high level of comfort and VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 offers passenger comfort and safety from luxury limousines. The design is enhanced by daytime running lights in dynamically designed darted headlamps and contour lights on top of the windshield.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Front Exterior Design Double Decker Luxury Bus

Modular construction as a new standard VDL Bus & Coach has taken the modular construction of the trainers to extraordinary heights. With VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 development by further refining this approach. The rear of the new FDD2 is higher and the curved shape has been retained, as it has a dynamic aerodynamic rear light with FHD2. VDL has perfected the Sandwich Technique, which is for the upper deck floor. As a result, the headroom on the lower deck has risen to 1,855 mm wide.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 with lightweight construction means generating considerable weight savings. In addition to floor and sandwich panel roofing, heavy savings can also be found in newly designed furniture, toilets and kitchen units, all achieved through the use of lightweight materials and optimized floor plans. VDL Bus & Coach once again managed to achieve the perfect balance between weight, material and functionality and created VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 chassis with electronically controlled air suspension guarantees a comfortable ride. The driver-side mirror has a wide-angle mirror, and the mirror on the inlet side has a blind-spot mirror, which is an additional convex mirror that gives views of the entire front and front of the trainer. The arm of the mirror can be folded, to prevent damage in washing the coach for example. In-side mirror fixtures are also equipped with LED entry lights.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 still provides tremendous amount of space to move. One of the most striking aspects of the new interior has angled or rounded corners. As soon as it rises, attention will be drawn to a large enough space for movement that has been made in the front and center of the entrance. Soft and light-colored materials enhance travel experience. For the disabled, Futura FDD2 offers the possibility of wheelchair ramp at an extra-wide central door. In the area occupied by the back seat on the lower deck, space can be made for one or two wheelchairs. The baggage area can be reached.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Engine Placement Design On The Rear Double Decker Luxury Bus

The driver has plenty of room to move inside. The task becomes easier with carefully thought out LED lighting. Ergonomic VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 ergonomic work area with excellent ergonomic work environment for drivers. Adjustable steering chairs and steering columns can be positioned optimally relative to the dashboard and instrument panel to accommodate the driver from any height.

VDL Futura FDD2-141 2015 Safe Comfort Double Decker Luxury Bus

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