Viseon C10 2010 Attractive Comfortable Bus Design

Viseon C10 2010 Attractive Comfortable Bus Design – The emergence of new brands in the bus industry is always interesting. The 2010 C10 series is the first bus of its own design. In designing and creating this C10 Viseon, the company tried to reflect the vision of this class bus both from design and from a technical point of view.

The first thing to notice is the exterior of the Viseon C10. The exterior design of the Viseon C10 turned out to be very firm, it could even say interesting, which has a length of less than 10.4 m Many design elements where the V on the front with the Viseon logo on the top are parallel to the headlamps. And in the middle there is the letter “V” with the Viseon logo on the back of Viseon C10.

Viseon C10 2010 Attractive Comfortable Bus Design

In the interior of the Viseon C10 which is equipped with 34 seats of Vogel Magnio Delux. Under the passenger floor is a fairly large baggage with a volume of 6.5 m3. For passenger comfort on the road there is a multimedia system with three LCD monitors. For temperature comfort, there is additional air conditioning and heating. In general, there is everything that demands passenger needs.

Check the driver’s workplace, with a new instrument panel and instrumentation that is familiar to the driver, as well as an onboard system switch, which looks quite organic and unobtrusive. The German-produced ISRI driver’s seat has all the necessary adjustments. Visibility of the driver’s seat is very good. Large rearview mirror allows the driver to track traffic situations in full. The backward movement will be facilitated by a rear view camera mounted on the stern of the bus, with the image displayed on the monitor on the front panel.

Viseon C10 2010 Attractive Comfortable Bus Design

Viseon C10 2010 is a reliable designer work, it is built on a bearing body with a rear-mounted power unit. Where the 2010 C10 Viseon was built on a MAN chassis. The engine used by the 2010 Viseon C10 is a “six” inline diesel with turbo-supercharging MAN D0836 with a working volume of 6.8 liters developing 290 liters. with. The maximum torque is 1100 Nm. As required by European regulations, machines meet Euro-5 environmental standards – through the use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR system).

Viseon C10 2010

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