Viseon C11 2013 Comfortable Design Coach Bus

Viseon C11 2013 Comfortable Design Coach Bus – Viseon Bus GmbH expanded its coach bus vehicle by introducing 2013 Viseon C11 as a premium tour coach bus with a length of 11.38 meters. The 2013 Viseon C11 bus which has two axles offers four-star equipment for up to 40 passengers, the maximum capacity is 45 seats. Viseon C11 with Viseon modular system, which allows to display different lengths with just a few additional modules.

From the exterior design of the 2013 Viseon C11 offers with a middle entry or with a rear entry that has an independent body with a tubular frame in ring frame technology is to provide the 2013 Viseon C11 form which is stability and safety at a relatively low body weight. 2013 Viseon C11 which has a height of 3.56 meters and a length of 11.38 meters, where the integrated front includes the entrance, the typical rear and parts of the middle frame. With a 5.430 millimeter wheelbase, the Viseon C11 is perfect for city trips and for traveling in mountainous winding areas.

Viseon C11 2013 Comfortable Design Coach Bus

In the interior which is comfortable for passengers where seats are 78.5 cm in all seats for four-star buses, with a capacity of 40 passengers. And for the five-star version of Cise 2013 Viseon has a seat distance of 87 cm can accommodate up to 36 passengers. At the front slightly up in the middle of the hallway in the entire length of the height stands at least 197 cm. The interior on the back with a ceiling to a dome-like height with panoramic windows. As well as the 2013 Viseon C11 also equipped with ventilation rooms with ventilation into the corridor and to the window and without ventilation nozzle, which works completely electronically.

For seating Viseon offers passenger seats from Kiel and Vogel. Basic equipment includes adjustable backrests, folding armrests and seat belts, as well as a variety of upholstery options. Variants with footrests, folding tables with cup holders, leather pipes or full leather equipment are also available. Entertainment and information are provided by standard audio systems and video systems with 19-inch folding monitors on the driver’s seat and other 19-inch monitors placed above the central toilet.

2013 Viseon C11 is equipped with a ZF chassis which is in front with an independent suspension of the ZF R75E, behind the ZF A132 drive shaft. ESP stability systems are installed as standard as cruise control and maximum speed limiting. Other electronic driver assistance systems, such as the Lane Guard System (LGS) with a vibration detector integrated in the driver’s seat, are available on request. 2013 Viseon C11 is available with two different machines. As a standard, 10.5 liter straight six MAN D 2066 LOH 28 (EEV) with 400 hp (294 kW) behind provides driving force. And the Viseon C11 Optional engine with 12.4 liter six-cylinder MAN D 2676 LOH 26 (EEV) with a power of 440 hp (324 kW). Thanks to common-rail technology, cooled gas recirculation and closed particle filters, both engines also come in the EEV version offered without the use of additional operating fluids. Also for the Viseon circuit there are two alternatives that are ready on C11. While the 400 hp version of the six-speed manual transmission ZF 6 S 1901 transmits engine power to the drive shaft as standard, the larger engine is equipped with the AS-Tronic ZF 12-speed automatic manual transmission. This option is also available for 400 hp machines.

Viseon C11 2013

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