Viseon C12HD 2010 Flat Coach Bus Design

Viseon C12HD 2010 Flat Coach Bus Design – 2010 Viseon C12HD coach has a length of 12 meters and maximum capacity is 49 passenger seats. What sets it apart from other Viseon trainers is the height of the structure. C12HD is 22 cm higher than other “C” models, and the total height is 3.78 m. This not only provides enough space in the middle, but also guarantees more space above the passenger head. In addition, higher windows also provide a better look.

Viseon C12HD is the first coach with complete flat transitions in all vehicle lengths. This opens up a number of new possibilities for the VIP version. Like other Viseon models, the Viseon C12HD coach offers an attractive appearance, LED lights. Besides that the driver’s cockpit is well designed. It also deserves to be called a large under-floor trunk, which offers 9.9 m3 of space with a built-in toilet.

The Viseon C12HD 2010 is available with two engines. As standard, the Viseon C12HD has a 10.5-liter engine MAN D 2066 LOH 28 (EEV) with 400 hp (294 kW). And other options offer a 12.4 liter engine MAN D 2676 LOH 26 (EEV) with a capacity of 440 hp (324 kW). In a manual transmission system, 6-speed ZF 6 S 1901 or 12-speed AS-Tronic automatic ZF.

Viseon C12HD 2010 Flat Coach Bus Design

Viseon in 2012 has a standard ESP stabilization system, cruise control and spotlights in LED and bi-xenon technology. The cornering lighting function is now also part of the basic Viseon trainer equipment. Another new feature is the ability to install an additional 220 liter fuel tank.

Technical specifications Viseon C12HD 2010
Length 12,000 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 3780 mm
Wheelbase 6010 mm
Front overhang / rear 2690/3300 mm
Turning diameter 21000 mm
Permissible gross weight 18000 kg
Technical permissible axle load (front / rear) 7100/13000 kg
Baggage space (with central entrance) 9.9 m³
Fuel tank capacity 320 l
Optional additional tank 220 l
Passenger capacity (3 stars) 49 + 1 + 1
Passenger capacity (4 stars) 44 + 1 + 1
Passenger capacity (5 stars) 40 + 1 + 1

Viseon C12HD 2010

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