Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Modular Design System Concept

Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Modular Design System Concept – The Viseon C13 bus is the newest product in the Class C Premium Coach class from the Viseon Body Center based in Germany which had become a 2012 Bus of the Year candidate in Norway. Viseon C13 Premium Coach bus is the first series for Viseon Premium Coach with a length of more than 12 meters which is a total length of 12.7 meters. Viseon C13 Bus 2012 offers the best travel capacity and comfort. “Open Space” creates the impression of a larger space and height of room 1.97 meters so it is more spacious. The driver is given the best with ergonomic panels, as a bus controller with engine that has 400 hp and 440 hp so it is more powerful.

The concept of the Viseon C13 Bus 2012 is the perfect proportion thanks to a modular system. The Viseon development team created a modular system for the Viseon C10 midibus, with just a few additional modules creating the 12.7-meter Viseon C13 so the modular system C13 and C10 are almost the same. The dynamic, elegant and distinctive design of the Viseon C13 Bus 2012 that has elegant lines and distinctive features characterizes the Viseon C13 Bus 2012. Overall length and height, the height of the window lines, side panels and luggage cover are all connected in a very dynamic and elegant relationship visually.

Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Modular Design System Concept

The stylised V repeats as characteristic of the V symbol are sometimes larger, sometimes smaller on the front and back, this is what characterizes Viseon which all symbolize the letter V. The headlights and light elements also follow the characteristics of the Viseon V shape The front of the iseon C13 Bus 2012 has a friendly and confident appearance.

Deep-design on the Viseon C13 Bus 2012 where the windshield that looks smiling on the lower edge curves upwards shows the nature of openness. Headlights and daytime lights give Viseon the look of an eagle character who has a sharp and sporty gaze. The striking shape can be seen from the headlights that are repeated in the rear lights, giving Viseon C13 Bus 2012 a distinctive look from the front and rear sides.

Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Dimensions with a wheelbase length of 6,750 millimeters and for front overhangs 450 millimeters to 2,650 millimeters, total height of 3,560 meters, overall length of 12,700 millimeters with ideal proportions. The Chassis model has used a modular system with anti-corrosion coated pipes all over, Viseon claims that they have the best corrosion protection so they guarantee for corrosion damage in up to 6 years. And to support the convenience of the Viseon chassis already use air suspension.

The Viseon C13 bus interior is one thing that attracts attention is the V-shaped lamp which combines white LEDs with red lights in the middle, very unique and probably only on the iseon C13 Bus only. And indeed iseon C13 Bus 2012 has used all its lights with LED because it is durable and also energy efficient.

The seat configuration of the Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Bus is 44 passengers can sit in a five-star version with 870 millimeters between seats and the remaining four-class bus with a minimum seat distance of 785 millimeters. So the total seat is 48 passengers. Equipped with seat belt, foot rest, reclining and also cupholder. Color combination of seat cover and dashboard made from composite is also suitable to be polished using dark brown paint, where the light panels and bus functions are placed neatly so as to provide comfort for drivers who drive iseon C13 Bus 2012. Apart from that on the dashboard has also been pinned GPS to provide directions on the roads that will be headed so do not worry wrong way because this GPS will guide the driver to go to the destination location, in Indonesia too many tourism buses are equipped with GPS.

Viseon C13 Bus 2012 Modular Design System Concept

Optional navigation devices with optional functions such as rear view camera, electronic heating and AC control with own Viseon controls, digital audio and video systems and tachographs arranged in front on the right side of the screen integrated into the dashboard and easy to access from top to bottom. On the dashboard there is still enough A4-sized space that can be used to store travel documents or other equipment. There is a 55 liter refrigerator and space for travel documents on the dashboard

The Viseon C13 Bus 2012 driver has a comfortable and ergonomic seat optimized slightly below the passenger, the impressive workstation with exceptional panoramic visibility. This type of outdoor mirror offers views to the rear, side and directly in front of the vehicle. A vibration dampening element in the mirror arm reduces vibration, which also helps to increase visibility. Special glass from the mirror reduces glare at night (Nightsafe ®). The mirror is also available with water-proof glass (Hydrosafe ®) so that when the rain falls quickly.

Viseon C13 Bus 2012 which has a powerful, economical and environmentally friendly engine is available with two different engine choices. The 10.5 liter in-line six-cylinder MAN D2066 LOH EEV with 400 hp (294 kW) in the standard version is very economical, environmentally friendly but strong. This machine has a torque of 1,900 Nm at 1,000-1,400 min-1. And the engine with 12.4 liter six cylinder MAN D 2676 LOH 26 (EEV) with 440 hp (324 kW) and maximum torque of 2,100 Nm at 950 – 1,400 min-1. Thanks to modern common-rail technology, exhaust gas recirculation is cooled and filters are electronically controlled.

Viseon C13 Bus 2012

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