Viseon LDD13 2012 Double Decker Coach Bus Design

Viseon LDD13 2012 Double Decker Coach Bus Design – Viseon Bus GmbH expanded bus program and coaches and issued a LDD Double Decker bus in a long version of 12.60 meters. Viseon LDD13 was inaugurated during the IAA in 2010, but has a shorter wheelbase of 1.40 meters. This feature, equipped with a trailing articulation shaft, provides a three-axle vehicle with a very small rotating circumference of only 20.46 meters. Obtained from an impressive height of 12.60 meters and a height of 4.0 meters, narrow angles through the road, loop terminal and maneuvering operations easily.

The Viseon LDD13 2012 is available with two or three doors while the II door always displays a double-wide version with a 138-inch wide heart entry. Doors I and III are available in 90 cm or 138 cm widths. Two access seats lead to the upper deck, one directly behind the wheelchair, the second either in front as a wheel behind the door II or behind behind the door III.

Viseon LDD13 2012 Double Decker Coach Bus Design

Viseon LDD13 2012 with a double decker bus design where the lower deck area, with a continuous low-floor variant, version with platform and thrust seat platform/wheelchair-level wheelchairs, or a combination of both. Depending on the requirements, this will result in a higher or lower number of seats or space. For the upper deck can be equipped with a variety of different places which are supplied by well-known manufacturers that are suitable for urban and regional operations. Viseon LDD13 2012 has a capacity of up to 120 passengers with a maximum of 91 seats for double decker buses.

The lower deck of Viseon LDD13 2012 has a medium height of 182 cm while at the rear, a minimum of 168 cm which meets all legal requirements. To create more space in the middle, there are three parts of a glass roof that can be used when an emergency exit. Natural light sources, associated with large side windows, imply a sense of spacious and friendly space on the upper deck.

The driver area at Viseon LDD13 2012 is equipped with a cockpit in accordance with a uniform VDV guide. Here, the driver is believed to work easily and comfortably with operator comfort and the best practical storage compartment. In order to be able to do the lower and upper deck at any time, Viseon has equipped Viseon LDD13 2012 with camera surveillance as a standard feature.

For engines, transmissions, and axles owned by Viseon LDD13 2012 using proven components supplied by MAN and ZF. This drive is supported by a six-line vertical mounted MAN D2066 LOH (EEV) diesel engine on the left. The 10.5 liter power unit produces 400 hp (294 KW) and has a maximum torque of 1900 Nm at 1000 – 1400 min-1. Regular and optimized for regular service usage, the six-speed EcoLife automatic ZF gearbox transfers engine power to the drive axle.

Viseon LDD13 2012 front suspension with ZF RL75EC independent suspension provides proven comfort. This shaft is also used as a rear axle at the rear, equipped with ZF RAS forced steering. As a driving axle, Viseon LDD13 2012 uses a low floor gate portal ZF AV132.

Viseon LDD13 2012 Double Decker Coach Bus Design

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