Viseon LDD14 2011 Comfortable Double Decker Bus Design

Viseon LDD14 2011 Comfortable Double Decker Bus Design – The OVA-Omnibus-Verkehr Aalen bus company officially launched its first Viseon twin-decker on May 25, 2011. The LDD14 double-decker bus from Viseon Premiere has a surprise without notice in the world of mass transportation vehicles. The 2011 Viseon LDD14 bus will replace older vehicles in the fleet and operate in and around the city of Aalen.

Viseon LDD14 2011 Bus concept combines several advantages. This double decker bus has proven itself as the most economical alternative. Offering very high passenger capacity at peak times. Apart from that it offers passengers with a comfortable interior especially the seats and thus improves driving comfort in regular services. This contributes significantly to high passenger satisfaction and high public acceptance of transportation.

The design of Viseon LDD14 2011 Bus has three double wide doors, with a central entry equipped with wheelchair climbs. On the lower deck, with 1.82 meters of headroom, the passenger seat is mounted on a consistently flat floor, a standing block is located opposite the second door and at the rear. There are two stairs located behind the driver and on the right side before the back door that leads to the upper deck.

Viseon LDD14 2011 Bus drive engine with a rear mounted 400hp (294kW) MAN EEV D2066 engine. The EcoLife automatic transmission comes like three axles from ZF. At the front and on the trailing steering axle, the second tier bus is equipped with independent wheel suspension.

Viseon LDD14 2011 Comfortable Double Decker Bus Design

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