Viseon LT20 2011 Urban Mass Transportation Bus Design

Viseon LT20 2011 Urban Mass Transportation Bus Design – Increasing urban passenger transportation where alternative driveline technologies, including hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles, have become increasingly fashionable. Whereas hybrid vehicles, by definition, carry their own on-board power generation units, and electric plug-ins require a large and dense battery pack. Viseon introduces a 20-meter low-level single-level articulation trolleybus, set by Viseon LT20 2011.

Viseon LT20 2011 Urban Mass Transportation Bus Design

Modular construction allows Viseon to offer the LT20 in a variety of configurations, ranging from a 12 meter to 21.15 meter solo unit four-axled bustrain that can accommodate 180 passengers. A high-powered air conditioning system, using a 7 kW unit that is installed under the driver’s seat, and two units installed at 33 kW installed in front and rear. This distributes cool air evenly to the saloon through four longitudinal flat channels mounted on the roof. Further AC efficacy is guaranteed by double glazing, and air curtains at the door.

Viseon LT20 passenger access 2011 is provided by three double-door entrances measuring 120 cm wide, two on the front and one in front of the rear drive shaft. Viseon LT20 2011 is a “pusher” design, driven through the rear axle. Driving comfort is managed by a pneumatically controlled suspension system, equipped with a “kneeling” function, which reduces boarding height to 340 mm above ground level. Passenger capacity consists of 44 seats / 84 stands, plus additional wheelchair and stroller / train provisions.

Viseon LT20 2011 Urban Mass Transportation Bus Design

Viseon LT20 2011 with driving power is provided by a three-phase three-phase asynchronous asynchronous motor with a capacity of 240 kW mounted on the left rear, accelerating through the ZF AV132 / 90 portal shaft, which allows a maximum operating speed of 70 km / h. The non-vibrating center shaft also comes from ZF, while MAN supplies the front steering shaft. Independent operation away from the overhead power supply is facilitated by installing a 6.7 liter Cummins auxiliary power unit, driving a permanent magnet synchronous generator, developing 175 kW, which can maintain the operation of the battery charger, ventilator, compressor and air conditioner, while powering the bus over the short section without infrastructure above.

Viseon LT20 2011

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