Design Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor 2017 Dynamic And Steady

Design Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor 2017 Dynamic And Steady – Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor is a synergy result of the parent company Volkswagen Truck & Bus by creating together several Brazilian and German techniques. The Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor model is intended for business and timber usage applications with steep and winding road terrain and slopes and derivatives with heavy loads. Strong chassis and comfort in operation. Another important detail of the prototype is the rear axle with the hub reduction. This makes the Volkswagen Constellation 33440 an ideal Tractor for heavy duty with a sufficient road field to win with heavy loads.

Engine used Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 This tractor is equipped with MAN D2676 engine that can produce 440 hp power and 224.34 kgfm of torque. The engine works in conjunction with a 16-speed ZF automatic transmission. For fuel tanks has a capacity of 515 liters. Another advantage of Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor has a drum brake on the front and rear wheels, which can extend durability in dust and dirt tracks. The brakes are also fitted with ABS systems which can prevent the locking wheel when the brake pedal is very depressed and gliding, as well as the EBD which works together with the ABS system and has a function to distribute braking force between the wheels of the vehicle. Equipped with an ATC system that can prevent wheel spins in ugly and EasyStart road terrain where it can help move in uphill areas.

Design Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor 2017 Dynamic And Steady – MAN Latin America presents the prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor at FENATRAN 2017 –

In terms of the exterior looks very handsome with the legs are high enough. On the front with 4 round bulb looks very dynamic and makes Volkswagen Constellation 33.440 Tractor looks more stable. For the interior clearly creates comfort and convenience as well as safety for the rider where the dashboard with the center of the curve with a solid steering and forwards very freely.

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