Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 Cool Concept Design

Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 Cool Concept Design – Volkswagen introduced the 2019 Buggy ID Concept at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019. Inspiration from the classic dune buggies of the 60s. This Buggy ID shows the flexibility of the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) and makes it functionally fun. This Buggy ID carries a futuristic and retro design that looks cool.

Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 Cool Concept Design

The Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 offers a high level of modular variability based on the legendary Beetle chassis with a rear cylinder four-cylinder boxer engine. A body made of fiberglass on the chassis and Beetle engine. The same flexibility is possible with ID Buggy. The Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 has 2 seats that can be changed to 2 + 2-seater. Additional electric motors can be added to the front axle to allow four-wheel drive on the Volkswagen ID Buggy. In addition, the BUGGY modular design allows the composite top to be removed from the MEB chassis.

The dimensions owned by the Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 with this open concept have a length of 160.0, width 74.4 and height 57.6, featuring a short front and rear overhangs. The wheelbase is 104.3 in and ground clearance is 9.4 in.

The exterior of the Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 which, like the classic Beetle and Bus, ID Buggy does not require a grille. The Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 can be immediately recognized as a Volkswagen with a logo right above the front hood. The protruding hood, fenders and tail end stand out in the concept of off-road chops, while the three-dimensional oval LED headlights and taillights, VW LED logo and body appear to float above the chassis and approachable air. The top half of the car is a fender and the striking shoulders are painted in a Fern Green matte. At the bottom is painted with Blue Tech Gray textured. The green part visually floats above the dark blue area.

The Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 with a reinforced windshield frame and Targa bar, which also opens on the side, provides rollover support. The design of the Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 does not have a door and roof, but the black tarpaulin can be stretched between the windshield frame and the trunk of Targa for sun protection or for mild weather protection.

All road terrain can be traversed by 2019 Volkswagen ID Buggy with It which has standard 18 inch wheels and BF / Goodrich All-Terrain T / A® off-road tires, on the front with 255/55 and rear 285/60. Bottom ID Buggy using solid aluminum ensures that the front axle and auxiliary equipment are not damaged during off-road driving, and the aluminum side sill panel assumes an additional underbody protective function.

The minimalist interior of ID Buggy is characterized by easy handling and waterproof material. While the most interior trim with a soft touch of Gray Tech Blue. Seats with headrests and belt guides are integrated into the backrests, while the floor plates are equipped with anti-slip buttons. Passengers have extraordinarily large spaces.

The minimalist cockpit design has been designed to match the character and design of the Buggy ID. The hexagonal steering wheel, covered with waterproof Nappa leather, has touch controls on the bar, and a digital instrument cluster keeps the dashboard from cluttering.

Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 Cool Concept Design

Electric motor integrated in rear axle, power electronics, single-speed gearbox, flat battery with a power of 62 kWh. There is an additional unit integrated at the front end of the vehicle. The power produced by an electric motor is 201 horsepower and a maximum torque of 228 lb-ft. This means that electric vehicles always provide sufficient power to the rear axle, even off-road. On asphalt roads can run from 0 to 62 mph in just 7.2 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically controlled at 99 mph.

As an alternative to the layout of the rear wheel drive, it is also possible to attach a second electric motor to the front axle of the Buggy ID. In this case, the “electric propshaft” will distribute the 4Motion® four-wheel drive power between the front and rear axles in a fraction of a second.

Volkswagen ID Buggy 2019 Cool Concept Design

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