Volkswagen Kombi 2006 Design Interior Exterior

Volkswagen of Brazil reported that the last air-cooled 1.6L motor will be mounted in a “Kombi” Bus at VW’s plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil as creation of this well known motor stops. The uplifting news is that the Kombi will even now be created in its exemplary frame and outline with another name “Totalflex” and some inside changes to oblige another 1.4L water cooled motor that will meet new Brazilian outflows laws to diminish contamination basically in 2006.

Somewhere in the range of 6 million of this square shaped, breadloaf looking vehicle were worked with air-cooled motors around the world. VW Brazil says that Kombi generation will increment from around 10,000 vans yearly to 12,000 in light of the fact that the new motor can keep running on either gas or grain liquor, which is broadly utilized as a fuel as a part of Brazil and expenses about half as much as gas.

Denoting the motor change-over, VWBA will deliver 200 Kombi “Serie Prata da Kombi” (Silver Edition) for authorities. They will have the old motor and be painted silver, rather than the exemplary Brazilian white. Somewhere in the range of 30 of the Serie Prata will be sent to England, altered to British principles and sold to gatherers for about $23,300 USD for the essential vehicle and $30,400 USD for the decked out camper adaptation. Shockingly, none are made a beeline for the US and there are no arrangements to send out the new form here either. The new Kombi will be created in Brazil in 4 forms that range in cost from R$36,192 (BRL) for the “Furgao” to R$43,684 for the “Escolar”. ($15,414 to $18,604 USD). Medium evaluated models are the “Standard” and “Lotacao”

The Bay Window Bus, particularly the camper adaptation, is stand out of numerous renditions of the T-2 like the Kombi and has for quite some time been a most loved with numerous LiMBO individuals. They can be seen at VW Shows and Camping occasions all through the world.

The new motor is a subordinate of the 1.6L inline 4 utilized as a part of the VW Fox and Polo models. Here are specs.

Longitudinal, 4 Cylinders, Inline
2 Valves/cylinder
1390 cm³ (1.4L) Displacement
Compression Ratio 11:1
HP at 4800rpm, 78 (gas)
HP at 4800rpm, 80 (alc)
Multi point sequential fuel injection

Volkswagen Kombi 2006 Design Interior Exterior

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