Volkswagen Multivan Edition 25 T5 2010 Design Interior Exterior

IAA Commercial Vehicle Show, held from 23rd to 31st September 2010 in Hanover, Germany, Volkswagen is flaunting a constrained release variant of its most recent T5 Multivan made to commend the model’s 25th commemoration.

Relevantly named Multivan Edition 25, VW’s full-measure individuals bearer depends on the Comfortline trim model including among other things,a dark matt lacquered rooftop, tinted head lights and tail lights, dark 18-creep light metal composite haggles decals on the rocker boards. More photographs of the auto after the bounce.

For a long time, there is the functional and family-accommodating Bulli determination Multivan. On this event, Volkswagen has now presented an extraordinary version under the name Edition 25.

The minibus offered just in salsarot, candyweiß or reflexsilber was embellished with style components that generally energetic autos are held – including a matt dark rooftop and haze lights and games suspension with Azev-18-inch compound wheels. Premise for the Edition model is the center trim level Comfortline.

Costs begin at 44,571 euros for the petrol motor with 115 hp and 46,011 euros for the TDI with 102 PS. The value scale ranges up to 56,228 euros for the TDI with 180 PS and seven-speed double grip transmission. This blend is most appropriate to athletic-motivated Edition25 and still leaves a lot of space for further individualisation, which the cost can drive to more than 75,000 euros.

With standard haze lights with cornering lights, daytime running lights and driving lights Wizard, tire weight screen and rain sensor, the vehicle is broadly prepared. The Multivan “Edition25” can be requested quickly; the value point of interest of the “Edition25” versus an equivalently prepared standard model can be up to 2,500 euros relying upon model and equipment.1

Volkswagen Multivan Edition 25 T5 2010 Design Interior Exterior

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