Volkswagen T1 Pritsche 1962 Design Interior Exterior

Volkswagen T1 Pritsche 1962 Design Interior Exterior – The VW T1, exact VW Type 2 T1, likewise called Bulli, was a pickup truck of Volkswagenwerk GmbH (from 1960: AG). The T1 was the main model of the VW transport arrangement whose models authoritatively VW Transporter and inner sort are called. 2 After VW Beetle, inward Type 1, the VW transport is the second arrangement of the VW plant for non military personnel utilize and is delivered today as VW T5/T6. The Transporter was created from 1949 and 1950 conveyed to advertise. The auto, which was the business sector pioneer amid its development, is viewed as an image of the German financial marvel. At its base one of the primary manufactured homes developed.

At the Wolfsburg and the Volkswagen plant in Hanover (1956) ran an aggregate of 1.8 million T1 in various forms from the tape. With the begin of generation of the successor model VW T2 at the Hanover plant finished 1967, the creation of T1. A, rather than the later improvements of the VW transport in its retro outline of the T1/T2 models reminiscent VW Microbus 2004 was introduced by Volkswagen as an idea auto, however did not achieve the creation stage.

Volkswagen T1 Pritsche 1962 Design Interior Exterior

From 1951, notwithstanding the van Flatbed offer, at first with a three-seat taxicab. The freight range was dependably at the stature of the motor compartment. The side dividers could likewise be collapsed down as the rear end. Between the motor compartment and the taxi there was an ensured load compartment underneath the heap floor, which was come to by a side entryway. The bed was secured with a covering and bows. Monetarily the flatbed was a win and was positioned in the deals just somewhat beneath the van. The flatbed was additionally accessible with a broadened flatbed timber development. In 1955 the rate of flatbed 5725 DM.

VW T1 team taxi in 1959 there was the team taxi with six seats, called abridged “Doka”. All in all, the entrance to the back seats in the Double Cab done just during a time entryway on the traveler side. Under the back seat was an entrance to a secured storage room.

Volkswagen T1 Pritsche 1962 Design Interior Exterior

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