Volkswagen Up! 2013 Simple & Agile City Car Design

Volkswagen Up! 2013 Simple & Agile City Car Design – Volkswagen has a variety of car designs, even the small car designs owned by Volkswagen. Volkswagen Goes Up! 2013 which has 3 doors. A small car that looks simple and agile from Volkswagen as a city vehicle.

Volkswagen Up! 2013 exterior design with a length of 139.4 inches, has a wheelbase of 95.3 inches. with a width of 64.6 inches. The four wheels are pushed out into four corners, not only helping to increase proportion but the interior feels wider. The rear view, with its large window, looks very contemporary, and the lights and grille form a friendly face without being too cute.

On the interior design of the Volkswagen Up! 2013 created more room for passengers. Back seat! offers reasonable headroom and rear legroom as well. Drivers and front passengers are spoiled, with a large expanse of space in each direction and a large and clearly legible group of instruments. Luggage Volkswagen Up! 2013 can accommodate nine cubic feet, a figure that rises to 34 with the rear seats folded.

Volkswagen Up! 2013 produced power from the EA211 engine which would eventually include three and four cylinders with turbocharged engines. Volkswagen Up! 2013 is available with an entry-level model producing 60hp at 5,000 rpm. A more powerful engine produces 75hp at 6200. Maximum torque with both engines is 70 lb-ft from 2000 to 4300 rpm.

Volkswagen Up! 2013 Simple & Agile City Car Design

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