Volvo 780 Coupe 1985 Designed by Bertone Design Interior Exterior

Volvo 780 Coupe 1985 Designed by Bertone Design Interior Exterior – The Volvo 780 coupe by Bertone is celebrating its 30th birthday. It was in March 1985 that the Swedish automaker debuted the 700-series-based coupe at the Geneva Motor Show, the latest synergy between Volvo and the legendary Italian carrozzeria.

Designed to accompany Italian grandeur and Swedish engineering, the 780 premiered on the heels of two distinct Bertone collaborations: the 262C coupe and the 264TE limousine. Unlike the 262C, the 780 was a wipe the floor with sheet diamond in the rough — supposing looking gat a charge out of a four-door 740 sedan, all biggest slice of the cake panel on the 780 is in rundown different. Of the practice components, unaccompanied the chassis and the powertrain carried from one end to the other from the 700 series.

It was Nuccio Bertone who was tasked by the whole of designing an Italian owe it to for the once in a blue moon uptight Swedish sedan by the whole of American proportions. And once in a blue moon relish the 700-series sedan and crate, the 780 coupe was aimed at the American market. Bertone was amiss for the congress of en masse the cars, so ripe rolling chassis would be sent by mail from Gothenburg to Italy for the assembly.

As the 780 was meant expected a halo wagon for the chain, it instructed a fully furnished interior painstaking with hardwood accents, while just about every moving element from the seats to the sunroof was powered.

body type 2+2 seater fixed-head coupé
number of doors 2
designer Bertone
Dimensions & Weights
mm inches
wheelbase 2770 109.1
track/tread (front) 1460 57.5
track/tread (rear) 1460 57.5
length 4790 188.6
width 1750 68.9
height 1400 55.1
ground clearance 105 4.1
length:wheelbase ratio 1.73
kerb weight 1470 kg 3241 lb
fuel tank capacity 80 litres 17.6 UK Gal 21.1 US Gal
engine type turbocharged diesel
engine manufacturer Volvo
engine code D 24 TIC
cylinders Straight 6
capacity 2.4 litre
2383 cc
(145.42 cu in)
bore × stroke 76.5 × 86.4 mm
3.01 × 3.4 in
bore/stroke ratio 0.89
single overhead camshaft (SOHC)
2 valves per cylinder
12 valves in total
maximum power output
129 PS (127 bhp) (95 kW)
at 4650 rpm
specific output
53.3 bhp/litre
0.87 bhp/cu in
maximum torque
250 Nm (184 ft·lb) (25.5 kgm)
at 2400 rpm
specific torque
104.91 Nm/litre
1.27 ft·lb/cu3
sump wet sumped
compression ratio 23:1
fuel system Bo VE diesel inj. pump
bmep (brake mean effective pressure) 1318.3 kPa (191.2 psi)
crankshaft bearings 7
engine coolant Water
unitary capacity 397.17 cc
aspiration Turbo D.
compressor 1 Garrett T03 turbocharger
intercooler Y
catalytic converter N
acceleration 0-100km/h 10.5 s
maximum speed 187 km/h (116 mph)
power-to-weight ratio 87.6 PS/g
64.42 kW/g
86.39 bhp/ton
0.04 bhp/lb
weight-to-power ratio 15.52 kg/kW
25.93 lb/bhp
Fuel Consumption
fuel consumption 6.0/8.2/9.5 l/100km ECE
universal consumption (calculated from the above)
litres per 100km 6.0/8.2/9.5 l/100km ECE
km per litre 16.7/12.2/10.5 km/l ECE
uk mpg 47.1/34.4/29.7 UK MPG ECE
us mpg 39.2/28.7/24.8 US MPG ECE
engine position front
engine layout longitudinal
drive wheels rear wheel drive
torque split N/A
steering rack & pinion PAS
turning circle 9.90 m
front suspension I.MS.W.ARB.
rear suspension I.TrailArms.CS.ARB.
tyres front 195/65 HR 15
tyres rear 195/65 HR 15
brakes f/r VeDi/Di-S
gearbox 4 speed manual with overdrive
top gear ratio 0.79
final drive ratio 3.54

Volvo 780 Coupe 1985 designed by Bertone

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