Volvo 8500 LE 1999 Bus Design Interior Exterior

The Volvo 8500 was an aluminium advantage single-deck city/intercity truck manufactured by Volvo surrounded by 2001 and 2011. It was available by the whole of medium stadium as two-axle (B7R, B12M), tri-axle (B12M) and the articulated 8500A (B12MA). As the low-entry Volvo 8700LE as two-axle (B7RLE, B12BLE), tri-axle (B12BLE) and the reveal 8500LEA (B9SALE). From 2005 it was further available as the fully reticent floor Volvo 7500 (B9LA, B9SALF), which ultimately came in a bi-articulated version. In the speedily years, the 8500LE was available mutually CNG on the B10BLE chassis. Later, CNG was unaccompanied available on the 7500.

In May 2010 the models confirmed a facelift, which was the arch of its 2011-successor, the 8900. The 7500 bottom its beneficiary in the 7900, for all that the bi-articulated detail was discontinued.

The prevalent markets were Denmark and Sweden, nonetheless some were furthermore sold in the distinctive Nordic countries. Some ultimately found their behavior to Estonia’s ace up sleeve Tallinn. The 7500 never found whole buyers ahead Sweden, ultimately if the bi-artics were tested in either cities ahead Sweden up on the years.

Volvo 8500 LE 1999

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