Volvo FE Chassis 2006 Design Interior Exterior Truck

The Volvo FE is a medium obligation truck delivered by Volvo Trucks Corporation since 2006, now in its Second era. The FE is accessible in different inflexible adaptations and a tractor variant spreading over three weight classes. The First Generation FE presented in 2006 the Volvo FE offers same motor and gearboxes with Volvo FL and it incorporates a 320 hp (239 kW) motor rendition. The FE lodges are cabover plan and accessible as day taxicab, solace taxicab and a sleeper taxi. Every one of the taxicabs are tried and affirmed by Swedish accident test and the Volvo’s hardest obstruction and head sway tests.

Motor outline takes after whatever remains of the Volvo motors where timing apparatuses are situated at the back, which takes into consideration better wind current around motor territory. The motor likewise accompanies incorporated motor brake accessible in two variants, either a stand alone butterfly sort deplete brake or with a JAK coordinated pressure brake from Jacobs Vehicle System.[1] This, the alleged “bleeder” brake, is a rearranged form of a customary Jake pressure brake. The aggregate braking yield is 130 kW (177 PS) at 2800 rpm for fumes unit and up to 188 kW (256 PS) at 2800 rpm for the pressure brake.

The FE line is accessible in two edge statures for general transport conveyance obligation or one light development transport obligation. The suspension is accessible either on full air or blend of front explanatory leaf spring and back air sacks or back S illustrative springs.

Volvo FE Chassis 2006 Design Interior Exterior Truck

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