Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016 Powerful Tough Mighty

Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016 Powerful Tough Mighty – A powerful truck for easy, safe and cost-effective military logistics. Besides that it has a unique body interface. With features that are in accordance with the task and built to handle any field. Trucks like this are trucks for modern military purposes. Development of the Volvo 8×8 FMX Truck for one purpose to become a truck that runs on the most difficult terrain. Besides that Volvo has built a Volvo FMX 8×8 chassis to be able to withstand heavy load conditions. So that Volvo FMX 8×8 can be adjusted easily to meet individual mission needs, which is integrated with innovative features.

Volvo FMX 8x8 Military Equipment 2016 Powerful Tough Mighty

Excellent ground clearance on Volvo FMX where the suspension is made specifically to handle heavy loads and difficult terrain. Volvo FMX will feel stable and comfortable, besides being easy to maneuver. Volvo FMX for rough terrain with 8×8 tire configuration with special design on air suspension. By placing spare parts in a higher position to protect them properly. So rough land and obstacles cannot cause many dangers. Rock Free is a function of I-Shift technology as a feature owned by Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016. Because of that by pumping the accelerator allows the vehicle to swing back and forth. This can free the vehicle from mud, snow or other spinning conditions and allow it to go to more places.

Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016 with an interior that prioritizes driver comfort means less interference. Easy and thrilling odyssey leads to better efficiency. Visibility and control contribute to safety. In addition, space to move also as a space for equipment and rations, and a crew cabin for passengers is available. Ergonomic dashboard, comfortable seats and smartly designed cab ensure better focus on the task at hand, improves safety, and reduces the potential for damage to the vehicle.

Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016 with Hill Start Aid, automatic hill start brake, can keep the truck at an angle for one and a half seconds. Will not move one bit. Even against 60 tons and some serious gravitational pull. In addition there will be no roll-back or roll-to-front brakes. Remaining active until the engine torque is enough to move the truck. Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016 is more than just a tough truck. That’s one that benefits the driver. Easy to get in and out. Comfortable for long periods of time. Accommodating. Easy to drive. Good for the individual behind the wheel, of course, but also for surgery.

Not just for the driver. Chassis is developed as optimal space, both for truck superstructure and military equipment. It can determine how much frame space is needed. Where the tank must be positioned, and the truck will be built according to military needs.

Volvo FMX 8×8 Military Equipment 2016

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