Volvo SuperTruck 2016 Project Modern Truck Design

Volvo Supertruck 2016 Project Of Perfecting Modern Truck Design – Volvo launches a SuperTruck program that will be a refinement of modern-day trucks, with development that exceeds its transport efficiency standard of up to 75 percent. Through a combination of advanced aerodynamics, vehicles and powertrain technologies, Swedish-engineered Volvo SuperTruck 2016 achieved an 88 percent freight efficiency increase that could exceed the 50 percent increase target set by the US Department of Energy (DOE) SuperTruck program.

Volvo SuperTruck 2016 the tractor-trailer concept vehicle also improves fuel efficiency by up to 70 percent, exceeding the 12 miles per gallon target. Some trials show more than 13 miles per gallon and in road tests the thermal efficiency of the powertrain brakes is up to 50 percent.

Volvo SuperTruck 2016 design optimizes roof lines and truck front profiles to minimize aerodynamic obstacles. The cabin is 3 inches tall and 8 inches longer than the standard VNL, and is narrower on the front than in the back. The custom-made windshield is strung dramatically and curved dramatically to adjust the cabin profile and hood. The hood is so tilted that it can not be seen from the driver’s seat.

Volvo SuperTruck 2016 comes with a rear tail boat design, a gap device in the nose, and a full long skirt on the side. The skirts have been heavily criticized, as is the case with other Volvo SuperTruck 2016 projects, because they are completely impractical in the real world. The dashboard, driver’s area, and interior bed are Volvo VNL 780 stock. Our tour guide Keith Brantley, senior project manager for complete vehicles, said the design team did not see a point in interior refinement because it did not directly contribute to the project objectives.

Volvo SuperTruck 2016 Project Of Perfecting Modern Truck Design

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