Volvo V50 SV Concept 2004 Design Interior Exterior

The Volvo V50 SV, making its presentation today at the 2004 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) tradeshow, is the main ever superior auto to rise up out of Volvo Cars Special Vehicle division in Gothenburg, Sweden. Taking into account the creation rendition of the 2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD action sportswagon, the V50 SV is intended to speak to an era of youthful fans that might not have considered the Volvo brand as anything other than rather sheltered and preservationist. The V50 SV is a coincidental outline to see exactly how far Volvo could test existing known limits. That it was done in-house, by the Volvo Special Vehicles office in Sweden, makes this auto a considerably all the more intriguing recommendation.

While Volvo has no arrangements of offering the V50 SV parts or materials through its retailer system, it gives youthful devotees and the reseller’s exchange organizations that take into account them a provocative “take off platform” to get their innovative juices streaming. Downplayed and refined, the Volvo V50 SV has what it takes to stop people in their tracks and handle well on the race track.

Likewise with any turbocharged motor, getting a lot of cool air pushed through the turbo lodging is the thing that takes care of business. On account of the V50 SV, an exceedingly altered front end joins huge lower air admissions. The air is steered up into the motor compartment to the turbo through bigger bore burrows. Turbo support weight has been knock from 1.0 bar to a heart-beating 1.4 bar.

Strength is nothing without torque and the V50 SV won’t baffle. Volvo’s history of minimizing turbo slack and offering an expansive torque bend from low rpm is held in the V50 SV. With 331 lb.- ft. on tap from 1,500 to 4,800 rpm, the V50 SV will sprint to 60 mph in around 5.5 seconds

Refined, limited and composed are the words that best depict the V50 SV. Truth be told, a purchaser intrigued by the V50 can really get a few of the outside styling pieces – something that is not regularly found on a SEMA show auto.

The Volvo Dynamic Trim Package is accessible from any Volvo retailer and elements body shading front and back spoilers, lower side ledge augmentations, a back guard valance and 17-inch “Stone worker” composite wheels shod with Michelin MXM4 all-season tires. Moreover, 18-inch extra wheels are additionally accessible through the retailer system.

The polished irregular Sonic Blue paint is refined and quelled, veiling the V50 SV’s execution potential. The standard rooftop mounted spoiler has been tweaked to make more down power at high speeds and the etched hood takes into account enhanced motor compartment wind current. To thin down the V50’s profile the standard rooftop rails have been evacuated. Gigantic dark lattice grille additions and high power gas release headlamps pleasantly compliment the standard Volvo egg box grille and identification.

Volvo’s run of the mill thoughtfulness regarding inside ergonomics is held with the V50 SV. Just unassumingly adjusted, what’s most clear once the driver is tucked away inside the lodge is the brushed aluminum complete around the instrument bunch. The material matches what’s found on the creative ultra-thin focus stack and entryway boards, and loans a cutting edge appearance to the neatly styled Scandinavian inside. A little move light has been joined into the board and a turbo help gage has likewise been included, with a greatest support weight perusing of 1.4 bar.

Back seat travelers will appreciate the completely coordinated Volvo double screen Rear Seat Entertainment framework. Twin 7-inch LCD shading screens have been mounted into the backs of the front headrests with a DVD player giving the excitement. The Volvo Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment framework is accessible from any Volvo Retailer as a processing plant introduced choice on the Volvo XC90.

Other inside touches incorporate “Wetsuit” upholstery, a Volvo adornment three-talked sport controlling wheel with aluminum decorates, an aluminum shift handle and custom constructed dashing pedals. The marvelous 425-watt Dolby Pro Logic II stereo framework with an in-dash 6-circle player is held from the stock V50.

Volvo V50 SV Concept 2004 Design Interior Exterior

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